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Using Assessments Wisely -Recruiting, Selection And The Future

As we are well aware, the movement to utilize assessments or behavioral based interviewing tools in the selection process is not only here it is moving forward in full force.

Many of us have been affected first hand by the use of these tools, and many of us have felt the distress of a candidate blowing the ‘test’ and us loosing a placement. It does not have to be that way. Rather than looking at the selection industry as the devil we can look at the selection industry as a chief component in differentiating ourselves from the sea of recruitment options. The inquiry for anyone in the recruiting or staffing space to be in is …How will this impact my business?” “Do I need to learn about this?” “”Should I offer this type of service as a value add or as an additional revenue stream.”” or “”Who can I partner with so I am operating on the selection train and not left at the send out with no placement station.””

In the next few articles I am delving into the use of these tools


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