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We Transform Culture from the Inside Out

At KeenAlignment, everything we do is in service of empowering intentional, healthy and high-performance organizational culture. 

Our Expert Facilitators, Coaches & Trainers Specializations

Leadership &

Organizational Development


Operating System (EOS)



Talent &



Team Building

Business Strategy

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Human Resources &

Talent Management

Women’s Leadership Development

Diversity, Equity

& Inclusion

Meet Magi

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The heart and soul (as well as founder and CEO) of KeenAlignment, Margaret “Magi” Graziano lives and breathes culture. With a contagious energy and undeniable candor, Magi has helped hundreds of companies transform their cultures and drive results.


Magi’s groundbreaking work is driven by her passion to uncover and catalyze human potential. Pioneering the leading edge of conscious leadership, organizational development and corporate cultural alignment, she was named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business. KeenAlignment was named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America. 

Leveraging more than 20 years’ experience, Magi delivers customized leadership programs to transform teams and improve corporate culture. Using a unique combination of experiential coaching, evidence-based leadership tools, and actionable strategies, Magi and KeenAlignment empower business leaders to reshape company culture, increase employee performance and grow revenue.

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