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Deep Alignment

Is workplace conflict upsetting your leadership team alignment?

Deep Alignment v.2
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Empower your executive team to win together with our leadership alignment workshop.

Are unresolved workplace conflicts between members of your leadership team limiting alignment on company roles, values, and vision? Root out the status quo that’s enabled by cordial hypocrisy and artificial harmony which breaks down communication, creating a low trust environment.

Effective communication generates 4.5 times higher talent retention. – Bit, 2021

What is Leadership Alignment?

Leadership alignment happens when a group of executives understand what their shared objectives are and how to reach them. A well-aligned leadership group supports one another, debates well, and is committed to improving and learning.


For leadership alignment to succeed, every person in a leadership role must support the new strategy. Leaders don't act in isolation. They need to work in tandem to ensure the success of the new organizational system. 

Highly aligned companies have 36% higher growth than poorly aligned companies
- SiriusDecisions

KeenAlignment’s 2-1/2 Day, Deep Alignment Leadership Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to bring your executive team together, at an offsite setting, to unlock the collective genius required to get your company back on track and up to the next level.


This masterfully facilitated conversation allows leaders to get real about what is needed to work together, in alignment, for a positive future for everyone involved in the organization.

Building Trust with Team

During this immersive, experiential session your leadership team explores and engages in deep and meaningful conversations that build trust through a provocative and open inquiry about what is in the way of trust and limiting relationships amongst your team.


The team sees and experiences the adverse impacts of cordial hypocrisy and artificial harmony and chooses to continually engage in declaring breakdowns, interrupting the status quo and building trust.


My company’s Deep Alignment work with Magi has put us on a path to raise performance to the next level. This is not “touchy-feely” stuff. Rather, it is a methodical approach based in psychological science and a firm grasp of organizational dynamics. I recommend it to those who want to break through behavioral barriers to achieving higher performance.

- Jeff McKibben, CIO at Ultra Clean Technology, San Francisco Bay Area

Our Deep Alignment Workshop Transforms Your Team’s State of Being

As company executives, it's essential to create a culture in your organization in which creativity, innovation and team accountability are core tenets of how work gets done. To be a market leader you need to foster inclusion, cooperation, and a safe space for your executive team to rigorously challenge the status quo and move initiatives forward.


Deep Alignment executive session for leadership team catalyzes open dialogue, team problem solving and extreme ownership for the quality of organizational culture and reality of the business results. Once the Executive team comes into alignment with specifically what is needed and from whom, the team is equipped and prepared to move beyond gridlock and break through perceived barriers holding your organization back.


Experiential Coaching

This cultural transformation requires diligence, compassion, and inspiring conversations to be effective. This workshop lights the organization’s spark for intentional and healthy change. We blend philosophical and experiential training and coaching to achieve this. 


These conversations bring your people together in alignment with a future that they can see themselves thriving in. Ultimately your leaders want to win. Deep Alignment is about having them win together for a common cause. 


Schedule a meeting today with a Deep Alignment facilitator and learn how this remarkable workshop elevates and transforms what's possible for your leadership team.

Through open and honest conversations, dismantling upsets and distinguishing disempowering beliefs that hold the team and its members back, the leadership team frees up the space to recalibrate and reinvent a future as a healthy, intentional, high performance leadership team.


Throughout the Deep Alignment executive session, the leadership team continually navigates through challenges which will foster teamwork, innovative thinking and courageous acts of leadership.  


When the team completes the 2-1/2 Day days together, they walk away with insights and ideas about how they can optimize each other’s unique contributions and differences. They learn how to navigate those differences of opinion effectively and powerfully.


They lay a solid foundation to build the future on with a collective commitment to establish clear agreements for how they will lead the organization into the future. They see each other as allies on the same journey rather than rivals competing for limited resources. Ultimately, the workshop provides you with an intentional, high performing team leading the human system into the future.

Thomas Newman.png

“An amazing resource for businesses. If your company is in growth mode and you are looking to build up your leadership team and strengthen your company culture, I highly recommend connecting with Magi and her team. KeenAlignment is a great asset for executives."

- Thomas Newman, CEO, Pacific Ridge Builders, Santa Clara, CA

How Our Process Works

Step One:

Schedule a discovery call

Step Two: 

Explore possibilities that fulfill on your organizations strategic intent

Step Three:

Gather sound and current data on what works and doesn't about how your team designs the future, works together to accomplish results and solves important issues

Step Four:

Bring the leadership team together and invite them on the development journey, tell them what to expect.

Step Five:

Each team member meets personally with the Deep Alignment facilitator to share what’s so and create an individual intention for their participation

Step Six:

The team engages fully in Deep Alignment

Step Seven:

We facilitate a Debrief of the Deep Alignment immersive experience and collaboratively and intentionally design next steps.

Are you ready to elevate the power and potential of your leadership team? It all begins with your commitment, and we are here as your partner. Schedule your onboarding consultation now.

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