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Magi Graziano Helps You Move From a Surviving Culture to a Thriving Culture

Breakthrough organizational performance needs a coaching environment, but few leaders know how to nurture and catalyze human potential to sustain a healthy, high-performing workplace.


Known for her high-energy, relentlessly candid keynotes and in-depth workshops,  Margaret “Magi” Graziano helps transform culture from the inside out. Specializing in emotional intelligence, experiential growth, people management and authentic self-expression, Magi empowers organizations to nourish personal and professional development to build thriving cultures of inclusivity, inspiration and business success.

Whether speaking to a packed theater of CEOs or delivering a workshop to groups of HR professionals, Magi helps  leaders transform their cultures from the inside so that their organizations and the people they serve thrive.

“Everything we do is in service of empowering intentional, healthy and high-performance organizational culture.”

- Margaret “Magi” Graziano, Founder & CEO

Keen Alignment

One of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business, Magi has helped hundreds of companies transform their cultures and drive business results. Pioneering the leading edge of conscious leadership, organizational development and corporate cultural alignment, Magi’s groundbreaking work empowers business leaders to reshape company culture, increase employee performance and grow revenue.

Magi’s presentations are tailored to meet your organizational needs, and include:







panel discussion

Panel Discussions

Magi regularly speaks to large and medium-sized groups, including:

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)




CalComm Capital

Speaker Reel

Magi’s Topics: Inspire Human Potential to Ignite Organizational Alignment



The quality of your organizational culture depends on your ability to nurture an engaged, aligned and focused team. To achieve breakthrough results, it’s vital to integrate accountability and innovation into everyday work practices. Organizations that emphasize a value-based and stakeholder-centered culture outperform those who do not by 202%.


In this presentation, Magi exposes the constraints business leaders face when attempting to get their organization into a state of forward momentum. She provides pragmatic and tangible solutions for cultivating the three keys to successful organizational culture: trust, alignment and accountability. Participants receive tools that identify and remove organizational constraints while learning steps to elevate employee ownership, contribution and innovation.

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healthy organizational culture



When strategy clashes with culture, culture always wins. That is the #1 reason initiatives fail and flounder. Your organization’s main purpose is to turn your vision into reality, and the most important role is creating a culture where people can give their highest and best level of contribution.


In her interactive Ignite Leadership presentation, Magi inspires leaders to take on the personal transformation needed to level up their leadership effectiveness to become the business leaders they want to be.

You to the
5th Power


You are the sum of the top five people with whom you surround yourself. Are they lifting you up or dragging you down? It’s great to be supportive of your friends, but if everyone around you is struggling, you’re not going to go higher. Energy, attitude and perspective are contagious. We need to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to pursue our dreams, achieve big things and live the lives we deserve.


In this presentation, Magi provides insight into the “You to the 5th Power” phenomenon and shares ways to ensure that you’re surrounding yourself with the right people.

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Ignite power

Stop selling out on your highest self. The great pandemic has led to the need for a great reset, and if there’s one thing the last two years have taught us, it’s that there’s no better time to start living a life of intention and owning your leadership strengths than now. 


Through a series of interactive empowerment and well-being exercises, Magi helps participants recognize the possibilities for their lives, understand their innate leadership strengths, break free from perceived weaknesses, and map out a life defined by purpose, passion and peace.


response agilty

In today’s rapidly changing world, you need a competitive advantage and the ability to respond to changes in the world and in your market faster and more powerfully than your competitors. This is Response Agility.


Most organizations are mired in the quicksand of internal turf wars, failed initiatives, and power struggles. They’re so consumed by these behaviors that every day becomes a new battle to hold onto their tenuous market position and to survive the next sucker punch.


In this powerful, interactive presentation, Magi helps participants learn to respond to adversity with grace, navigate change more effectively, own their actions and be able to recalibrate when necessary, and turn potential into greater performance. 

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Margaret Graziano

Ignite Your Power

April 29-May 1, 2022

Sonoma, California



June 9, 2022

Anaheim, California

Canyon Ranch

June 9-13, 2022

Woodside, California

TEC Canada

June 16-17

British Columbia, Canada


August 9, 2022

Cedarville, Michigan



August 19, 2022

Saint Paul, Minnesota


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“Thank you for delivering a phenomenal transformation exercise. It delivered perspective, personal growth and a path where the team is much better positioned to collaboratively execute to the vision of innovation leadership. I have to also express compliments for making it a “real” program. Everyone, to a person, was moved and inspired to become better as both people and colleagues.”

— Bill Bentinck VP/GM Eugenus