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KeenView™ Behavioral Interviewing Certification

KeenHire empowers HR Professionals, corporate hiring authorities and managers to experience the impact that effective behavioral interviewing has on a company’s ability to secure and retain top talent. Through our KeenView Behavioral Interviewing Certification, we train you to implement a conscious interviewing process that saves your company time, money and effort while engaging your high potential candidates from the beginning.

Course Objectives for KeenView Behavioral Interviewing Certification

  1. Develop a fundamental understanding and appreciation for why most bad hiring decisions are made in the first ten minutes of the interview.

  2. Learn the foundation behind behavioral interviewing, and why diligence is essential when bringing on new people.

  3. Gain insight to uncover the key performance indicators for each role

  4. Delve into all facets of what drives peak performance -motivations, ways of being, ways of thinking, and modes of interacting

  5. Gain prowess in creating behavioral interviewing models and selecting questions that target the right fit.

  6. Learn what to listen for in the interview to identify the candidate with the right behaviors for your position.

  7. Receive your certification in behavioral interviewing which includes; benchmarking, behavioral selection and behavioral interpretation

Overview of the Behavioral Certification Process

Step 1: Attend a 2-day live or 4-week virtual 16 hour training program Step 2: Audit 3 Behavioral Interviews conducted by a certified KeenHire Consultant Step 3: Conduct 3 Behavioral Interviews audited by a certified KeenHire Consultant Step 4: Take the Final Certification Exam

Contact KeenHire for more information on our upcoming Behavioral Interviewing Certification Sessions.

Additional Products

Can’t make it to training? Contact our team to purchase the following tools and learn on your own: PowerPoint slides for Targeted Behavioral & Competency selection Manual for Targeted Behavioral & Competency selection


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