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Improve your Cultural Alignment with KeenAlignment's breakthrough Culture BluePrint

Cultural alignment in the workplace today is critical to performing at a high level, yet one of the most challenging for executives to get right. This is partly due to the fast-changing social environment that organizations work in today. Often systemic issues also limit the ability to make changes required to transform your organization to an emergent culture.

Defining your vision and values is difficult enough but putting them into a strategic plan and executing it can be even more challenging due to our inability at times to see our own limitations that impact team cohesiveness. What’s needed is a breakthrough.

97% of workers and employers believe that the lack of team alignment influences the success of a task or project. – Clear Company, 2020

A breakthrough is an exponential jump in what’s possible. As a leader, you have to see what you can’t see so you can be what you want to be. Once you can see it, you must align your thoughts and actions with that vision. All of this must happen in your own life before you can inspire your executive team and others to commit to a shared vision.

The good news is that with an experienced culture transformation coach your odds of cultural alignment improve dramatically. Margaret Graziano and her team of talented coaches at KeenAlignment have the experience you need to transform your culture, no matter what degree of change or role in the organization needs the guidance.

So How do you get started? Meet with a Cultural Architect to determine your goals and the best route.

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“Magi and the team at Keen executed a high-quality culture assessment and workshop. They identified focus areas within our existing environment and executed a 2-day workshop of 35 employees from around the world. The outcome delivered on our goal to establish a unified mission and vision and associated values. We are grateful for their expertise on this journey.”

—George Gallegos, CEO, Jitterbit, Alameda, CAB

Keen Alignment offers the breakthrough Assessments and Workshops you want to transform CEO’s, Executives, HR Managers or anyone in your organization to next level results

Culture Transformation

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​Breakthrough Blueprint for Success

Improve Your Workplace Culture with KeenAlignment’s Breakthrough Blueprint for long term sustainable change.

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Ideal/Actual Culture Assessment

Ideal/Actual Culture Assessment

Start a true culture change initiative - learn exactly what needs to change to achieve your desired outcomes.

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Deep Alignment

Is workplace conflict upsetting your leadership team alignment?

Empower your executive team to win together with our leadership alignment workshop.

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Compelling Future

Is a lack of direction limiting your contribution to achieving strategic business objectives?

Business strategy workshop - align your mission, vision, and values.

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Change Catalyst

Catalyze Positive Change and Influence People 

Transform organizational challenges into opportunities for innovation and elevating your business as a leader in the market.

Which Workshop is best for you?  Check out our
6-step Process
that we use to determine what's best Or...

Take our Free Online Assessment to determine how aligned your strategy, leadership & people are.

CALL (888) 484-5551 now for a free 30-minute consultation with a culture architect.


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“I participated in a KeenAlignment-led three day offsite for the entire leadership group of one of the companies on whose Board I serve. I can honestly say that it was the most extraordinary and impactful leadership development experiences I have ever observed. Magi Graziano is amazingly effective at drawing each team member into full engagement with her process and at bringing each of them to powerful new levels of self-awareness and to real commitment to change. The team exercises she has designed generate true mutual respect and show each member how awesomely effective they can be as a team when they work together in genuinely constructive and collaborative manners. I recommend this organization strongly!”

- Richard Arnold, Executive Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, Wi-Tronix, Bolingbrook, IL, USA

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