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Is Your  Organizational Culture Transactional, Entangled, or Gridlocked? Maybe it's even Toxic?  Do you want Cultural Alignment and High Performance? 

Improve Your Workplace Culture with KeenAlignment’s Cultural Transformation Consulting

Culture Transformation v.2
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Due to the fast-changing cultural shifts in society today, many companies are struggling with a misaligned workplace culture. Infighting and toxic work environments cause both employees and leaders to be burned out and unmotivated. Does this sound familiar?


Workplace culture is an essential facet of a high-performing organization. Misaligned workplace culture leads to disengaged and demoralized employees. As a result, your employees don’t perform as well as they could. Some might even quit.


When a workplace isn't aligned, it is challenging for people to understand how to organize and prioritize what gets accomplished and when. There is often a lot of dysfunction, resistance, and friction in a misaligned workplace. 


To be a market leader, your workforce needs to be high performance, and to attain high performance there needs to be healthy teamwork, results focus, team collaboration, and intentional conversations for action. How tasks get done needs to align with why tasks need to get done, and the “why of the tasks” needs to align with the overall noble cause of the organization.


KeenAlignment’s 3-Phased Cultural Transformation Consulting


At KeenAlignment, we understand. Today’s business leaders must adapt or risk large scale disengagement throughout their company. Our mission is to guide you through these challenges of cultural transformation with our comprehensive Cultural Transformation Consulting.

You don’t have to live with a misaligned workplace culture. If you’re looking for help to navigate the complex dynamics of culture change, look no further than KeenAlignment and our comprehensive Cultural Transformation Consulting. This year-long immersion into “everything culture” is for the executive team, key contributors, and organizational influencers. Read on to learn more.

Phase 1 of our Cultural Transformation Program starts by exploring, inquiring, and assessing the current culture. Is your workplace aligned or dysfunctional? We determine this through sound and current data. Phase 1 includes a two-step process; the Ideal/Actual Culture Survey and the Emergent Culture Leadership Readiness Assessment.

One of the warning signs of a misaligned workplace culture is a lack of accountability and trust. These two elements are the building blocks of effective organizational culture and leadership. Employees in a misaligned workplace don't have confidence in their leaders and often waste time and energy on the wrong things.

Phase 2 of the Cultural Transformation Program includes a Deep Alignment Workshop where you build trust and establish commitments to each other. This defines who you are as a team and how you will work together. You make decisions and identify, learn, and understand about people’s dynamics, focusing on those that are unhealthy and in need of change.

Highly fulfilled employees plan on staying at their organizations 3 years longer than unfulfilled employees.


Another warning sign of a misaligned workplace culture is a lack of clarity. Employees and teams don't know what they're supposed to do. When they do achieve accomplishments, there’s often little to no acknowledgment or celebration and often confusion about what’s next or how to set an intentional course of action. 


Holding employees accountable for results or behaviors is essential. That becomes challenging when your management philosophies, beliefs, and approaches aren't aligned or connected to your strategy.


You don't have to live with a misaligned workplace culture. Our masterful culture architects and facilitators support you in shifting from a transactional, entangled, or toxic culture to an emergent, innovative, and high-performance organizational culture. 

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"Margaret has been a tremendous resource for our business. We are now a more efficient and high performing organization, and she is helping us create the vision and culture we desire. If you thought you knew everything about how to run your company, think again. Margaret can bring you to the next level to create a more harmonious workforce, more efficiency and more profit. Whatever you invest in her consulting will result in a hefty return. You cannot afford to NOT hire her."

– Bill Parkin, Partner, Wittwer Parkin LLP, Santa Cruz, CA

What is an Emergent Culture?

“When an organization’s human system has trust, alignment, accountability, and the interconnectivity and momentum created by Liberating Structures and effective communication, it becomes unstoppable. Everyone starts to move in sync. If you’ve ever seen birds flocking or fish schooling, you’ve seen what is called “emergent behavior.” Despite having no leader or central control, these creatures move together in perfect synchronicity. They do amazing things, and it looks effortless. Emergent behaviors are made possible by high levels of interconnectivity”.
- Margaret Graziano, founder of KeenAlignment

Phase 3 of our program dives into the Compelling Future Workshop. We set the stage to develop your noble cause. This effort shapes your environment, grounded and trained on aligned behaviors and values.

You scope the architecture (structure) that becomes the foundation of how you optimize your individual and collective genius. This sets your organization up to move initiatives forward, inspire innovation and fulfill your noble cause.  

Additionally, we walk with you through implementing key cultural alignment initiatives by coaching and training your culture team in 21st century leadership distinctions and competencies.

At KeenAlignment we integrate neuroscience, leadership, and human potential with fundamental elements of change management to catalyze people toward a cause and elevate organizational performance and effectiveness.

Nearly 70% of Americans place greater importance on benefits and corporate culture than on salaries.

– Lexington Law

How Our Process Works



We start your culture transformation training by assessing your organization's gaps and strengths. 



We have purposeful and powerful conversations. Your leadership team gets clarity into your organization's current state. We look for ways to align your organization and define what behaviors, actions and commitments serve the strategy. 



We create a comprehensive and custom plan. We focus on building sustainability, momentum, and innovation for your organization's culture. Our workplace culture training program paves the way for change. 


Put in Place

Our tailored plans get executed effectively. Each employee receives access to live, experiential, and hands on, customized training on how they can impact the organization. 



We show management how to sustain your changes over time. We work to embed new leader behaviors and positive cultural drivers in your company. 

The KeenAlignment Difference

Our mission at KeenAlignment is Igniting the human spirit at work to unleash massive interconnectivity. And, when you allow this to happen in an environment of trust—where individuals are aligned around a noble cause, values they believe in, and a strong vision for the future—you’ve created an environment conducive to an emergent culture.

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