Create a Strategic Path With Our Compelling Future Workshop

Produce results for your organization with our Compelling Future workshop. We'll help you create vision and mission statements. Contact us to learn more.

Develop Your Brand's Purpose with a
Company Vision Workshop

High-functioning teams work best when they have a cohesive and strategic path forward. Each individual in your group needs to be connected to a higher sense of purpose while feeling valued by their leaders. 

Unfortunately, obstacles arise each day that get in the way of your business's success. These hurdles also result in team division instead of unity. 

Our 2.5-day Compelling Future workshop will help leadership teams integrate strategy, people, and culture to produce breakthrough results. Teams achieve these results while realizing a bigger vision for their organization. 

Our trainers and coaches will guide your executive team during the workshop to eliminate daily obstacles. You'll learn how to focus on self-actualization and build healthy relationships around a shared vision and goals. 

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What Are the Benefits of
Business Strategy Training?

One key component of creating a solid foundation for your business is crafting mission, vision, and value statements. These statements help form the basis of your organization's strategic plan. They convey the values, direction, and purpose of your company. 

Your organization's statements need to get implemented and developed deliberately and thoughtfully. They can help provide your company with meaningful guidance. 

During our workshop, we'll look at your organization's future. We'll work with you to create a 12-month framework for your company. The framework covers organizational culture alignment and goal setting. 

Create a vision-driven strategic path forward during our workshop. 

What Do We Focus on During the Workshop?

Our Compelling Futures workshop will help you expand your capacity for innovative thinking. Create a framework that allows your leaders to thrive. Achieve breakthroughs with organizational success.

How Our Process Works


Reach Out to Us

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We Get to Work
We'll work with you and your leadership team to help you create your organization's statements.


Watch Your Business Grow

Your organization and employees will thrive as you work toward the same purpose. 

Areas of Focus

Expand your capacity for innovative thinking and create a framework to help leaders thrive and achieve breakthrough organizational success.

Assess Performance

Examine your organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with a SWOT analysis

Shift Mindsets

Develop systems thinking capabilities to solve problems and improve performance

Develop Values

Craft purpose-centric mission and vision statements rooted in your core values

Improve Business

Map your top five to 10 organizational priorities to develop a 12-month goals-based operational framework

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say


“To Magi and the entire team at Keen, Thank you! You have changed my life forever.” 

– Frank Keefer, VP of US Operations, Aqua-Chem, Knoxville, TN

Why Partner with KeenAlignment?

At KeenAlignment, we'll transform your organization's culture from the inside out. We strive to empower our clients to nourish their organizational and personal growth. 

We understand how important it is for your leaders and employees to be working toward a common purpose. Individuals can achieve more when they share common values and goals. 

Our trainers and coaches work to support our clients during all of our workshops. We give them the tools and skills they need to move through the next 12-months in a strategic and vision-driven way. 

Improve Your Company with Our Compelling Futures Workshop

Communicate your organization's purpose and create a strategic plan for the future. Contact us to learn more about how our Compelling Futures workshop can help you.