Compelling Future

Inspire Leaders to Achieve

Breakthrough Performance

High performing teams run on trust, transparency, inspiration and innovation.

They accelerate when every individual is connected to a higher sense of purpose, experiences shared leadership and feels valued. But the reality is that obstacles emerge every day that hinder business success, lead to silos and create division rather than unity.


Compelling Future helps leadership teams integrate culture, people and strategy to produce breakthrough results while realizing a bigger vision. Our coaches and trainers guide your executive team to remove day-to-day obstacles and focus on self-actualization to build healthy relationships around shared vision, values and goals. Your team finds stability, becomes more durable, learns to break through barriers and finds it easier to innovate. 


By creating operating norms to lead teams and your organization, our 2.5-day experiential workshop helps executives bring discipline and accountability to the organization. A groundwork for trust is built around producing results and operating at high levels of excellence. Together, we’ll help you create a 12-month framework for goal setting and organizational culture alignment to chart a vision-driven strategic path forward. 

Areas of Focus

Expand your capacity for innovative thinking and create a framework to help leaders thrive and achieve breakthrough organizational success.

Assess Performance

Examine your organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with a SWOT analysis

Shift Mindsets

Develop systems thinking capabilities to solve problems and improve performance

Develop Values

Craft purpose-centric mission and vision statements rooted in your core values

Improve Business

Map your top five to 10 organizational priorities to develop a 12-month goals-based operational framework


Michael Lowe.jpeg

"Magi helped us bring back focus on what is most important - belief that we are building a great company to which people want to contribute their best selves and to learn how to lead the company into the future. Her programs are pragmatic and experiential. She's willing to call you out on your stuff and hold you accountable. It's hands-on, at times in your face, but always with love and respect.”

— Michael Lowe, GM, AB&I Foundry