Transform Culture from the Inside Out

All companies have a culture, but not all company cultures nourish personal and organizational growth. 

KeenAlignment liberates the human spirit to create thriving organizational cultures. We partner with small and medium-size businesses across all industries to build healthy, intentional and high-performance organizations.


By empowering leaders and accelerating leadership effectiveness, we optimize human potential that drives business performance.


Culture is an absolute competitive advantage — we help you work better together to drive growth, work smarter, and achieve success and satisfaction.

Healthy organizational culture
corporate culture alignment
strong organizational culture

Does this sound familiar?


A gridlocked culture can prevent your business from implementing strategy and moving powerful ideas forward. Signs of a broken culture: 

  • New ideas met with infighting, taking sides and nit-picking

  • Decisions take an exceedingly long time to implement

  • Some people say YES to everything, but rarely follow through all the way

  • Rules are selectively enforced

  • Confusion around core values

  • Lack of a singular “Noble Cause”

  • Team’s talents and potential are underused

  • Perception of secret-keeping

We help teams uncover the roadblocks preventing them from flourishing, then work with them to build a thriving "ignite culture" that empowers individuals to succeed. Let's get started.

Transform Your Business from the Inside Out

Whether you’re innovating, disrupting, building or rebuilding a business, KeenAlignment can help. As your trusted culture partner, we work with your team to align company values, leadership, strategy and operations to fuel future growth.

Our Core Offerings Include:


Our signature 2.5-day workshop for leadership teams quickly uncovers roadblocks, breaks down silos and begins to recalibrate teams and rewire organizational culture.


This two-day experiential workshop brings teams together to discover their higher purpose and develop an inspired, vision-driven strategic path forward.

Ignite Your Power

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An inspiring 2.5-day retreat blending mindfulness exercises and professional development work, Ignite Your Power invites growth-focused professionals to tap into their full leadership potential and to begin actively crafting the lives they were meant to live.

Leadership Accelerator

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Create a high-performing and values-driven team with a custom Leadership Accelerator Program. This six to 12-month engagement corrects for misalignment in people, strategy and culture en route to creating empowered and effective teams.

Momentum Coaching

Work 1:1 with a KeenAlignment executive coach to lean into your best leadership self. Focus on servant leadership, vision and accountability with a trusted coach committed to your personal and professional success.

Cultural Transformation

Work on your business from the inside out with an ongoing KeenAlignment partnership designed to transform your organizational culture. Through customized programs, improve engagement, accelerate growth, reduce risk and cultivate the next generation of leaders to become stewards of your organization.

Meet Magi

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The heart and soul (as well as founder and CEO) of KeenAlignment, Margaret “Magi” Graziano lives and breathes culture. With a contagious energy and undeniable candor, Magi has helped hundreds of companies transform their cultures and drive results.


Magi’s groundbreaking work is driven by her passion to uncover and catalyze human potential. Pioneering the leading edge of conscious leadership, organizational development and corporate cultural alignment, she was named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Influential Women in Business.

Leveraging more than 20 years’ experience, Magi delivers customized leadership programs to transform teams and improve corporate culture. Using a unique combination of experiential coaching, evidence-based leadership tools, and actionable strategies, Magi and KeenAlignment empower business leaders to reshape company culture, increase employee performance and grow revenue.


Ignite Your Power

Sonoma, California

Join our diverse community of growth-focused female business leaders for an inspiring, life-changing 2.5 days of peer-to-peer leadership coaching and transformational professional development. Create you personalized leadership roadmap, unlock your leadership potential, learn best practices for effectively leading teams, and gain access to an arsenal of actionable take-home resources and tools.


Learning Center

Keep current with leadership trends, insights and news to nurture your high-performance organizational culture.

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"Magi and the team at Keen executed a high-quality culture assessment and workshop. They identified focus areas within our existing environment and executed a 2-day workshop of 35 employees from around the world. The outcome delivered on our goal to establish a unified mission and vision and associated values. We are grateful for their expertise on this journey."

— George Gallegos, CEO, Jitterbit