Stratify HR Workshop & Retreat


September 16 – 18 – San Jose, CA

As a Human Resources professional, you have a unique opportunity to make a high-impact contribution in your organization.

You have your hands on the pulse of the people, and know what’s needed to create a Best Place to Work culture.

In this breakthrough Stratify HR leadership retreat and workshop, you begin to uncover what you don’t know, your blind spots and shine the light on those things that thwart your intentions for your career.

Keen Alignment Human Resources

Transforming people in the places they work.


keenalignment human resources

Transforming people in the places they work.


Get the most value out of your best asset: Your People.

At KeenAlignment, our HR consulting helps companies think about their HR differently and assists them in getting the most value out of their best assets: their people. Before we commit your time and resources to a business solution, we listen to the challenges you’re trying to solve, and help you transform and elevate all that is possible for your team.

Our mission is to improve collaboration, empower momentum and elevate organizational performance through aligning people, purpose and strategy. Over the last 20 years, we have created an HR consulting program that digs deep into how people work and what motivates them to do their best work.

Are you struggling with turnover? Continually training with no results? Is leadership not up to par?

Your people are an investment. Understanding how to empower your workforce can create a major impact on your bottom line.

It’s time to make a transformation.


Attract and hire best-fit employees who are aligned with your company’s mission, vision and values.


Give employees what they need to perform at peak levels, produce amazing results for your customers and grow in the company.


Improve corporate culture and keep your workforce engaged, productive and profitable for the long term.

keenalignment inc 5000 award winner hr management consulting

KeenAlignment enables HR and business leaders to come together and provide talent in the workplace, building, growing, hiring, and scaling for success.