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Change Catalyst Program - Catalyze Positive Change and Influence People

Transform organizational challenges into opportunities for innovation and elevating your business as a leader in the market.

Is there an incredible amount of potential and talent within the organization that inspires you, but is being wasted and underused?

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Do you desire innovation, but new ideas are being blocked by closed-mindedness or infighting?

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Does the ability to make wise decisions and implement them swiftly excite you but seem unreachable?

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Are the organization’s greatest visions being blocked by strongly held personal or positional agendas?

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If you answered yes to any of those questions, it may be time to ignite intentional, positive, organizational change

You aren't alone. Many executives and business leaders are challenged by the fragmentation of their employees and the decreasing productivity of their company and thus, are at a loss as to what to do. 


If you want a more productive and healthy workplace for yourself and those you work with, look first to leadership. You can only manage that which you can influence. By providing your leaders with a holistic, experiential, train-the-trainer leadership program, you can start shifting to a growth mindset organization.

KeenAlignment is now offering you a program that does just that with our Change Catalyst Mastery Program.

This revolutionary year-long course ignites the power of the leader within, nurtures collaboration towards shared goals that foster a sense of unity and purpose, and expands the leader's capacity to inspire others and catalyze positive change in their organization.

What you can expect in our Change Catalyst Program:

The experience of an industry torch-bearer, guiding you through the maze of decisions, and using our inside intel to support you in avoiding the pitfalls that threaten to derail necessary changes. KeenAlignment's 3-in-one, comprehensive Change Catalyst train-the-trainer course integrates retreat-like immersions (3), leadership training, and our Online University to create the ultimate change agent - empowering your leadership team to create intentional and positive organizational change

Challenges abound in the changing world

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This complex and uncertain time in human history, specifically in the business world, brings increases in operating expenses, a strong push to increase employee offerings, a new hybrid norm, and an unfortunate deficit in employee morale and engagement. 


This is squeezing businesses like never before. As a result, systemic distrust is developing and spreading like wildfire. However, that doesn't have to mean the end of your business.

With Guidance and Training, Trust Can Be 
Regained and Organizational Culture Transformed

Some of the indicators of Systemic Distrust include:

        Broken Agreements

        Unclear Expectations


        Suppressed Feelings

        Cordial Hypocrisy

        Turf Wars

        Passive Aggressiveness

        Avoidance of Responsibility

As a Leader, you can learn and teach others how to approach challenges in a way that creates more trust, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity than ever before!

3 Journeys

3 Leaders.


1Supercharged Culture

True, lasting change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and endurance. That's why we are integrating our three immersion programs—Awaken the Leader Within, Elevate Your Leadership, and Advance Your Culture—to create a comprehensive and powerful year-long journey for three key leaders who are committed to transforming the organization and themselves from the inside out.


This world-class learning program integrates in-person immersion training with follow-up modules to give leaders the best opportunity to break through the malaise and reinvigorate organizational performance.

3-Day Immersion Training:

Awaken The Leader Within

Engages leaders to shape
their future as an influential
agent of positive change.
Leaders uncover their limiting
beliefs and habits that thwart
effectiveness and
contribution. They learn and
practice new methods for
recalibrating and recovering
from adversity and setbacks
and leave with a concrete
road map for integrating their
newly learned skills into their
day-to-day reality.


Focuses on the leader as a visionary, partner, and coach.

From envisioning outcomes to empowering resources through guiding and coaching, this retreat teaches leaders how to inspire others, build partnerships, and elevate teams' productivity and performance.


Teaches fundamentals about
what inhibits performance,
lowers engagement, and stalls
contribution. Leaders discover
how to spot complacency,
stagnation, frustration,
anxiety, and even despair in
the workforce and learn how
to engage with people in a
way that shifts their energy
and mood.


Unlock Your Organization's Potential By Catalyzing Positive Change 

Learn to align both individual and collective team values to create a harmonious, high-performance work environment. Become masterful at influencing your people to contribute at their highest level to the ultimate intent of your organization. 

An intentionally designed organizational culture is the key to inspiring individuals to fully engage in strategies that propel an organization forward. In an emergent culture, people are emotionally stable and grounded, which allows them to operate from a place of awareness and make healthy, balanced decisions. When that happens, positive change can be implemented and challenges are turned into into opportunities for innovation, elevating your business as a leader in the market.

The KeenAlignment group has a talented group of consultants. They have the experience to bring what you need to the table in a way that works for you. I would recommend working with Keen to anyone who is serious about changing the culture of an organization.”

— Chris Prendergast, Facility Manager, Clow Valve, IA

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Areas of Focus Throughout Your Journey


Learn new ways to communicate, operate, and innovate in order to drive business results.


Measure skills and capabilities and determine if you have the necessary resources and tools to succeed.


Learn how to lead effectively in today's challenging environment of increasing uncertainty, chaos, and distraction.


Discover the most critical 21st century leadership competencies and how to quickly recognize whether your leaders have what it takes to thrive in this new era.


Build a community of fellow leaders and agents for positive change in the workplace and in the world.


Gain new insights into what you must create, maintain, and release so you can transition from "What Got You Here," into "What Will Get You Where You're Headed Next."


Discover and become masterful in creating superior alignment and engagement in your workplace.


Align the mission, vision, and values of your organization.

The Change Catalyst Mastery Program Includes: 

Three 3.5-day retreats: Awaken the Leader Within, Elevate Your Leadership, Advance Your Culture (Value: $15,000)

Leadership Agility Assessment and Development Guide/Plan: One-on-one, deep dive coaching and development sessions with an executive coach where leaders receive a high-level understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for development and create a plan to close the gaps. (Value: $1,500)

Leadership Accelerator: A monthly 2.5-hour live training that accelerates your leadership ability with a highly developed leadership and management coach. This includes Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder-Centered Coaching® (Value: $24,000)

Monthly one-on-one momentum coaching session (Value: $12,000)

Monthly group coaching call with award-winning Peak Performance Coach Margaret “Magi” Graziano (Value: $12,000)

Access to the KeenUniversity Learning center, which includes more than 50 competency development training modules, videos, and job aids. (Value: $10,000)

Access to KeenHiring: Values-Based Behavioral Interviewing software (Value: $7,500) which includes industrial psychologist-created questions that allow you to deep dive with potential candidates so you can hire the right person for the right job.

25 Leadership Agility Assessments, which gives you a holistic view of your team's motivation, work styles, attitudes, and perspectives as well as their core competencies and where they need development to close performance gaps. (Value $12,500)

360 Feedback Surveys - 2 per year, which give you an unbiased, scientifically validated assessment of your impact on the people you serve. (Value: $3,000)

Access to Mastermind group, where you can engage with your colleagues who are on similar culture journeys and learn from each other as you all commit to systemic change. (Value: Priceless)


  • How much is the course?
    The cost of the full course is $2,200 per month, per person. For that price you will receive more than $100,000 in education and support to make it possible for you to breathe new life into the culture of your organization. If you pay in full, we will reduce the price to $24,000. That’s $2,400 in savings.
  • Who should participate in Change Catalyst?
    We recommend three key leaders participate. This can include members of the leadership team, top influencers, people managers, and the HR Leader. If you would like to include additional leaders in the program, we are happy to discuss.
  • Are there set dates for the program, or can we determine a start date?
    You can join at any time.
  • What can I expect the schedule to look like?
    A typical month includes the following: Week 1: 1:1 Coaching Week 2: Triad Week 3: Group coaching Week 4: Q & A
  • How many hours each week will this course require?
    Each leader can plan to spend around two and half hours each week. That equates to about 15% of your time to double your productivity!
  • When should I start seeing results?
    People start to see results immediately and continue to gain momentum throughout the program.



“As a coach, Margaret walks her talk”

For the better part of a decade, Margaret’s coaching and sage advice has played a huge role in my development as a confident leader. The guidance she provides comes from her own evolving experiences and journey as a woman leader and business owner. 


These are extremely challenging times to lead organizations and agencies. Margaret has taught me that being honest, authentic, transparent, and being able to show vulnerability and humanity are perhaps the most important values and skills we can call upon as we try to adapt to a very different future. 


It has been said that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act despite it. Margaret has helped me to push through perceived barriers that might otherwise hold me back from making the contribution I was put on this planet to make. 

— Andrea Mackenzie, General Manager, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority, San Jose, CA

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