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From Friction to Flow

Coaching people at work to thrive in the face of change. 


Our body of work evolves the human system through shifting the context that people operate from, elevating the energy of individuals and teams, and catalyzing the collective genius in the workplace.

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Set Your Course for an Emergent Culture

Are problems like infighting, fixed mindsets, and resistance to change, due to conflicting values, common in your organization like they are with many others today? The large-scale changes in popular culture make it very difficult to inspire everyone towards a noble cause and work at the highest level of productivity and innovation simultaneously.


To stay competitive, you need your entire organization to be truly aligned, efficient, and following your lead to innovate faster than competitors. Your executive team is capable of so much more and the pressure is on to transform your organizational culture, rallying everybody around a common noble cause. But where do you start?

42 percent of employees believe that executive leadership does not contribute to positive
company culture.

Create a path for your culture change initiatives with KeenAlignment’s Modularized Programs

Partner with one of KeenAlignment’s culture architects to unleash the collective genius in your organization by customizing a road map specifically designed for your unique challenges and goals.


KeenAlignment’s breakthrough culture blueprint is proven to get you the results you need by paving the path for an emergent culture.  The blueprint as is an example of a complete 36 month culture catalyzation immersion program that positively impacts every level of the organization. The holistic immersive cultural transformation pathway cultivates exceptional teamwork, inspires employees’ instrinstic motivation and creates the energy for unrivaled innovation.


Set your course for a sustainable Emergent Culture with one of KeenAlignment’s Culture Architects by defining your culture goals, challenges and creating a plan of action today.

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“KeenAlignment's initiatives have provided a framework for our leadership team to work and collaborate together and facilitate constructive discussion when resolving conflicts. Teamwork is the foundation for everything a business does, and Keen's framework is the basis of this new way we operate and interact with one another. Our team now has a unique and impactful vernacular for our day-to-day communications, as well as systems and tools in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is a tremendous benefit. I'm a very pragmatic person, and KeenAlignment's training is very pragmatic in its approach. We had a new team member that joined, and that person wasn't really listening. I was able to coach him on how he's listening, but not actively listening, and that's what is important to me. Keen's programs are implemented in a functional and practical way, and address the entirety of the human condition.”


— Larry Jordan, CEO, Wi-Tronix, Bolingbrook, IL

Select from the THREE following CEO offerings to establish your next right step to an Emergent Culture

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching | Building High Performing Teams


Leaders today are often distracted with multiple challenges that they can overcome through executive leadership coaching from KeenAlignment.

Culture Transformation

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Breakthrough Blueprint for Success

Improve Your Workplace Culture with KeenAlignment's Breakthrough Blueprint for long term sustainable change.

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Leadership Benchmark Assessment

Leadership Benchmark Assessment and Team Alignment Diagnostic

Assess and examine your team’s core
competencies, identify patterns, then build a leadership development
plan with an experienced culture coach.

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Ideal Culture Assessment

Organizational Culture Assessment | Steps to Cultural Alignment

Develop your ideal behaviors and
environment including steps to cultural alignment.

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"Thanks for what you have done with me to enable me to take my personal and professional life to the next level. I am sure I would not be where I am today without you. I am thankful today and everyday for the work you did with our company and me personally, which have enabled a major transformation."

— Lisa Matta, VP of Project Management, Wi-Tronix

To determine which route is best for you, check out our 6-step Process that we use to determine your next best step. 

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