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Executive Leadership Coaching
Building High Performing Teams

Leaders today are often distracted with multiple challenges that they can overcome through executive leadership coaching from KeenAlignment.

Executive Leadership Coaching: A Path to Building High Performing Teams

What does it mean to be at the very top of a dynamic, organized, purposeful and high-functioning organization? What are the most important elements to focus on as the leader of such a vastly demanding enterprise?


There are innumerable pulls on the top executive. For example, internal elements of practical decision-making and inter-personal workplace and cultural challenges. Other demands include external market placement and stakeholder satisfaction issues that need to be overseen.


It is easy to get distracted and fracture one’s focus by worrying about a multitude of issues. All are highly important in and of themselves. To manage these challenges effectively, leaders need to create a strong and lasting foundation on which all these elements can thrive.

What Leaders need to Build Trust and Inspire

To do this, leaders need to clarify goals and inspire those they lead, giving them a cause beyond a paycheck to bring their finest talents to work each day. By training and delegating, the myriad of demands are managed by a team, not just one leader at the top.


How to do this can be learned, typically with an experienced executive leadership coach. Through that experience, the leader finds a path to greater abilities. You learn to communicate, innovate and demonstrate emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion for the people you are called to manage.




In this process, leaders can also improve their circumstances by building the levels of trust it takes to allow those they lead to do their jobs responsibly and with dedication. This delegation of responsibility decreases the need to micromanage and reduces unnecessary job stresses. And who wouldn’t want that?

FACT: The Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills.

What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

KeenAlignment’s Executive Leadership Coaching Program

This 12-month customized Program integrates leading-edge human potential, neuroscience and organizational effectiveness principles, training participants how to guide and inspire those you lead to optimize their genius at work.


It is collaborative and inclusive, bringing your whole life into the developing equation. We work with you to create a solution that gives you powerful skills, positioning you to lead people and solve organizational challenges.

We train and empower leaders to tap into their inner selves and unlock their full potential through the following tactics:

  1. Developing a leadership vision

  2. Establishing outcomes, goals, and intentions

  3. Leadership competency gap analysis

  4. Professional development road map

  5. Navigating change and uncertainly

  6. Emotional intelligence

  7. Inspiring people and teams to thrive

  8. Giving and receiving feedback

  9. Leading meetings

Leaders Develop Intuition and Insights

When you work side-by-side with one of our KeenAlignment certified executive coaches, you learn how to tap into your innate leadership potential. You develop your intuition and insight and hone ways of actively using them to deal with your everyday leadership demands.


You discover how to understand what others are feeling, perceive situations and quickly assess the best path forward. You learn to use your finest talents to become the great leader that you are capable of being.

Take our Free Online Assessment to determine how aligned your strategy, leadership & people are.

Executive Leadership coaching focuses on the demands placed on leaders at the very top. By addressing both the challenges and the unique opportunities, leaders learn to create inspiring, fulfilling, and successful businesses that their position in command demands.


It is the most effective way to take your leadership development to a more dynamic and sustainable level. Leaders who receive targeted coaching are more self-aware, have improved critical thinking skills, and are trained to build high-performing teams.


[The top five most common benefits of business coaching are increased self-confidence (80%), improved relationships (73%), communication skills (72%), interpersonal skills (71%), and work performance (70%).]


Working one-on-one with a leadership coach, they are able to identify their leadership superpowers, opportunities for growth and fully articulate goals in a way that makes them more easily attainable

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“KeenAlignment's initiatives have provided a framework for our leadership team to work and collaborate together and facilitate constructive discussion when resolving conflicts. Teamwork is the foundation for everything a business does, and Keen's framework is the basis of this new way we operate and interact with one another. Our team now has a unique and impactful vernacular for our day-to-day communications, as well as systems and tools in place to make sure everyone is on the same page, which is a tremendous benefit. I'm a very pragmatic person, and KeenAlignment's training is very pragmatic in its approach. We had a new team member that joined, and that person wasn't really listening. I was able to coach him on how he's listening, but not actively listening, and that's what is important to me. Keen's programs are implemented in a functional and practical way, and address the entirety of the human condition.”

- Larry Jordan, CEO, Wi-Tronix, Bolingbrook, IL

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