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Leadership Benchmark

Are you an Emergent Culture?

Is Your Leadership Team Struggling?

Is your leadership team struggling with ineffectiveness? Are they using balanced judgement or confusion in their decision making? Are they inspiring each other and their direct reports or do they lack a noble cause that unites everyone, in alignment, driving towards a common set of goals? Is your organization striving to become an emergent culture?


An emergent culture is one where people are showing up at the highest level and working in unison towards a common goal…something that people can be inspired by and fulfilled contributing to. Everybody wants meaning and purpose so why not create a business and an organization with a big cause? This is way beyond making money.


More importantly, does your leadership team possess the right skills and core competencies to make this happen? If not, assessing where your team is at currently may be the next best thing you can do towards building an aligned, emergent culture.

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According to SHRM's report on Toxic Workplace Cultures, 76 percent of employees said their manager establishes the culture of their workplace. (SHRM)

Emergent Culture Readiness Leadership Benchmark

To have an aligned team, there must be a high-level understanding of the individuals making it up and the strengths and weaknesses they bring to the table. KeenAlignment’s Emergent Culture Readiness Leadership Benchmark is a way to comprehensively and thoroughly examine the core competencies and gaps of your leadership team and the individuals that make it up.


With this information, we can help you identify patterns that are keeping your team from being truly aligned, efficient, and successful. 

Leadership Benchmark Assessment

The Benchmark Service includes an assessment that analyzes your leadership team's 10 strongest and 10 weakest competencies. Once known, a customized recipe is developed for very specific and targeted leadership development.

In that same SHRM study cited above, 36 percent believe their supervisors don't know how to lead a team.

The assessment shows you the missing links in your leadership team and how well you work together. What results is an actionable and data-backed plan of improvement. The plan will play to your team's strengths and overcome the individual weaknesses of each member and the collective team.


True change starts from a grounded understanding of the present and a strategically mapped-out plan. Choose KeenAlignment to help you shape the future of not only your leadership team but your entire organization by bringing all into alignment with your organizational goals.

John Allen.jpeg

"I've been in business for 26 years now and have recently engaged Margaret for a variety of
tasks including workforce optimization and overall strategic planning. The assessments
done on staff were right on the money and provided a clear direction of how to manage
moving forward. Her wealth of knowledge and insight into personnel and how to plan and
execute a strategic plan for our business has become invaluable."


- John Allen, President,
Product Safety Consulting, Bensenville, IL

The Leadership Benchmark Process

Step One:

Meet with the executive leadership team to understand what they want and need from their team

Step Two: 

Each leader takes a detailed assessment

Step Three:

We compile data from each leader who took the assessment, then learn the patterns of strengths and weaknesses

Step Four:

We map the core competencies and gaps

Step Five:

We meet with the leadership team and report what we see

Step Six:

We lead a collaborative inquiry about how these strengths and weaknesses show up and affect the team

Step Seven:

We provide recommendations for targeted leadership development in the areas most impactful in the company

Step Eight:

Work with a coach to ideate a solution that allows you to integrate learnings into action

What makes this comprehensive process so unique? It is not just a needs review, leadership assessment, gap analysis and competencies report. The real insights for leadership development and next steps for impact and growth come from the executive coaching that you get. This guidance helps you blend the unique inventory of leadership talents into a cohesive team ready to lead an aligned, emergent culture.

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