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Is Staying Focused at Work Difficult Due to Breakdowns in Communication and a Lack of Enthusiasm?

Unleash your untapped power and remove workplace stress with Employee Empowerment Workshops from KeenAlignment

Productivity and passion at work can be easily derailed when breakdowns in communication shift attention away from the organization’s core vision and values. Often these communication barriers have been entrenched for so long that they are accepted as the norm. The ripple effect can result in a significant amount of untapped talent and power

FACT: The Institute of Coaching cites that over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. Forbes 2019/03/28

Learning how to avoid misunderstandings by building trust and reducing workplace stress starts with improved communication skills. Margaret Graziano and her team of talented coaches at KeenAlignment have unique experience successfully teaching these skills through experiential workshops.

The communication tools taught in the workshops have literally transformed organizational cultures in many cases. The impact on the bottom line is often quite dramatic once those communication barriers are removed.

“Today I attended AB&I’s communication training and you and your team were so professional explaining to our team members what communication is all about, to me it’s a plus, your interaction with all of us was clear and so professional. Thanks to you, I will communicate better with my team. Thank you so much and you and your team are awesome.”

—Alfredo Costa, Cast Finishing Manager, AB&I Foundry, Oakland, CA

And, with these rapidly changing social and work environments that we live in today, your ability to stay calm within the storm is critical. To deliver with the highest level of intelligence that is totally focused on your core values and the vision of your leaders is challenging. Often times these are opposing voices you must navigate between and bring together.

KeenAlignment’s experiential workshops teach self-awareness through exercises that help attendees to respond with grace and ease using effective strategies. Your newfound ownership of actions and upgraded perspectives will shift your potential to new levels of performance

So, with three workshop options to choose from, how does one get started? Review the following options. If you need assistance, please call 1-833-226-6679
now for a free 30-minute consultation.


"I was part of the Leadership Survival Series put on by KeenAlignment in the Fall. This was a fantastic series that really helped me to tap into what was holding me back. Magi truly cares about everyone reaching their full potential and her insights were enlightening. She taught me so much about how I work, how my brain works, how everybody else works and how to put all the pieces together to be an effective leader. So, a massive "Thank You" to Magi for developing such an exceptional program!"

—Jennifer Allen, Accounting Professional, Hellam Varon & Co., Bellevue, WA

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Claim & Unleash Your Untapped Power

A Customized Experiential Workshop

Unleash your untapped power at work and feel the power and fulfillment of exceptional teamwork and high performance.

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Improve Communication Intelligence with KeenAlignment’s Interactive Workshops

Communication is the Key to Building Trust

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Ready to Develop Response Agility Amid Workplace Conflict?

Overcome the stress from team dynamics that constrain individual and organizational effectiveness and begin building partnerships.

Which Workshop is best for you? Check out our 5-step Process that we use to determine what's best Or...

Take our Free Online Assessment to determine how aligned your strategy, leadership & people are.

CALL 1-833-226-6679 now for a free 30-minute consultation with a culture coach.



“It is very difficult to get 200+ people in a room with different languages, cultures, longevity and age differences to work on communication. Most of our team is not used to sitting in a room or being trained for a full day. We get fidgety and lose concentration. Yet, Magi and her team were able to achieve something that I haven’t seen in my almost 13 years at AB&I. They were able to bridge the language, culture, longevity gap seamlessly! Having the translators there who understand what it is to immigrate and deal with the challenges of language and culture was outstanding! The flow of the day, the games, the engagement and being able to adjust quickly to what the group was sensing shows the professionalism and caliber of Magi and her team! Thank you for engaging us, provoking us to think differently and to community at a higher level not only at work but at home!” 

- Zeydi Gutierrez, Director of Business Operations, AB&I Foundry, Oakland, CA

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