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Claim and Unleash Your Leadership Superpower

With Customized Transformational Leadership Training

Gain power and fulfillment by fostering enthusiasm, exceptional teamwork, and high performance in the workplace

Enthusiasm in the Workplace

What if the power that drives each of us to excel at what we individually do best could be unleashed for the good of everyone within an organization? Imagine the ripple effect throughout the workplace!

What makes you or anyone you work with excited to wake up each day and come to work? What lets you feel by the end of the day that you’ve spent your time well and want to return the next day to do even more? This is all about finding your passion at work.

Discovering, claiming, and unleashing individual abilities allows each person to feel the power and fulfillment of contributing, creating a greater sense of belonging and pride.


Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%

- Forbes

Claim & Unleash - Your Power Workshop

Many people would agree that there is a tremendous amount of untapped power and talent within most organizations. Figuring out how to bring forth and support that power is key to creating the most dynamic and well-functioning workplace possible.

In the one-day Claim & Unleash Your Power workshop, culture coaches guide individuals on how slow down and tune into their higher levels of intelligence, define their personal values and discover how they can bring those values to life in their everyday work. That becomes something to enthusiastically get out of bed for each day.

With the growing demands placed on employees and the added day-to-day stress of living in the 21st century, people need to be grounded, clear-headed and empowered to deliver at the top of their game. Investing in their growth and development helps achieve exceptional teamwork and high performance.

Leadership Development to Inspire Others

The age of disruption has created more opportunities for people at every level of an organization to step into leadership. The key to stepping in and being effective is development of the self. Developing self-awareness, self-belief and selfesteem is an inside job and essential for improved communication, for becoming the kind of person others are inspired to follow.

Our trainers and coaches guide participants in learning to turn on a new level of discernment and self-confidence when making decisions. Through engaging exercises that boost personal empowerment they build a deeper relationship with and develop profound respect for their own highest self.


"Margaret brings exceptional leadership to our company. She transformed our thinking about how to grow our business and lead our sales force. She also has valuable insight as a coach and mentor." 

- Meg Hanna, Chief Talent & Compliance Officer, M Squared Consulting, San Francisco, CA

They also discover a communication model for a deeper connection with others and take away a well-rounded tool kit for staying grounded in the face of uncertainty, challenges, and stress. As a result, they catalyze their personal leadership superpowers, inspire those around them and contribute to lasting, positive change.

Learn More About Your Host

The Claim & Unleash Your Power workshop is facilitated by Margaret "Magi" Graziano, the CEO and founder of KeenAlignment. Magi lives and breathes workplace culture and has a contagious energy. She's served hundreds of companies and thousands of leaders by transforming their leadership from the inside out, shaping healthy, intentional, and high-performance organizational culture.

Magi is driven by her passion for uncovering and catalyzing human potential. She delivers customized leadership programs that transform teams and management. Magi provides clear pathways for business leaders to reshape company culture and grow.

Magi was named one of Silicon Valley's Top 100 Leaders and has spent over 20 years helping teams and individuals unlock their full potential. She's a recognized expert in organizational transformation. Her groundbreaking work has touched the lives of thousands of men and women throughout the country.

“Today I attended AB&I’s communication training and you and your team were so professional explaining to our team members what communication is all about, to me it’s a plus, your interaction with all of us was clear and so professional. Thanks to you, I will communicate better with my team. Thank you so much and you and your team are awesome.”

- Alfredo Costa, Cast Finishing Manager, AB&I Foundry, Oakland, CA

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