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Ready to Manage Calm in the Storm of Workplace Conflict?

Overcome the stress from team dynamics that constrains organizational effectiveness to achieve a thriving workplace culture.

In this rapidly changing world, we know that each of us is capable of developing the ability to surf change as if entering an adventure rather than dreading and running from the barrage of stressors firing all around us.


We know that there can be a calm within the storm of haranguing internal and external voices that then allows a clearer vision to emerge of the best pathway forward.


Within that calmer place comes the ability to create new responses with agility, to tap into our highest levels of intelligence and to keep us tethered to and inspired by our core values.

We just have to learn how to do it.

Forty-eight percent of top executives say their HR leaders act as business partners, 41 percent see them as reactors, and only 11 percent view their HR chiefs as anticipators, which is the role they want HR to own within their organizations.

Responding with Reason and Creative Solutions

Many organizations are mired in the quicksand of internal turf wars, failed initiatives, and power struggles. Emotions flare.

We are all wired to be reactors for basic survival, adrenaline pumping through us at any sign of attack. Back in the day, this functioned to protect us from practical world dangers like animal attacks, and the choices were fight or flight.

The mechanism takes over for quick response so that we are not slowed down in our reactions - but ultimately our reasoning is hijacked. Very helpful, even now when in mortal danger, but not so great at the office or over the dinner table.

Navigating emotions seems like a never-ending battle. The National Science Institute tells us that Human Beings generate 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts a day with 85% of them being negative and repetitive!

Finding a respite from that much negativity and knee-jerk response and replacing it with moments of calm open-mindedness and creative solutions is a pathway out of the quicksand.

KeenAlignment’s Experiential Workshop

In the Response Agility workshop, you learn how to shift from reacting to creating, moment to moment. You learn about the development of the self and how to identify triggers and navigate your emotions to be a person who responds effectively and wisely in nanoseconds.

With this ability, as a group, you can achieve a thriving workplace culture, personally and collectively. This program is designed to bring teams to new levels of productivity and power. Employees and Managers alike gain insight into their personal barriers and learn how to deal with team dynamics that constrain individual and organizational effectiveness.

Through experiential, self-awareness exercises, attendees will walk away from this powerful, interactive workshop with the following:

Grace and ease in responding to adversity, stress, and pressure
Effective strategies to navigate change thoughtfully and effectively
Newfound ownership of their actions and ability to rapidly recalibrate
Upgraded perspectives that turn their potential into greater performance

Communication Tools that drive your business forward

Your teams become engaged, productive, adaptive and resilient.

Your leaders will understand how to navigate organizational constraints and build better partnerships within the workforce.

Organizations that participate in the Response Agility workshop walk away with powerful communication tools and strategies to operate and innovate in ways that fully serve the company’s core values and mission, day to day, moment to moment. With this new knowledge, you can create a collective human system prepared to overcome obstacles and drive your business forward.

See what our customers have to say:

John Grahek.jpeg

"KeenAlignment’s training approach is unique, as they encourage you to become better regardless of what it looks like. It’s not always easy, and they don’t let that get in the way of standing for your development… it’s very professionally laid out. Most world-class organizations will want to take advantage of this higher learning!”

- John Grahek, General Manager Clow Valve Co

Learn More About Your Host

The Response Agility workshop is facilitated by Margaret "Magi" Graziano, the CEO and founder of KeenAlignment. Magi lives and breathes workplace culture and has a contagious energy. She's served hundreds of companies and thousands of leaders by transforming their leadership from the inside out, shaping healthy, intentional and high-performance organizational culture.

Magi's is driven by her passion for uncovering and catalyzing human potential. She delivers customized leadership programs that transform teams and management. Magi provides clear pathways for business leaders to reshape company culture and grow.

Magi was named one of Silicon Valley's Top 100 Leaders and has spent over 20 years helping teams and individuals unlock their full potential. She's a recognized expert in organizational transformation. Her groundbreaking work has touched the lives of thousands of men and women throughout the country.

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