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Employee Engagement Declining?

Get HR Training Programs that Transform Culture

Human Resources is often the first to see when an organization is balancing on a knife’s edge. A few wrong moves and employee engagement can drop dramatically. Or a few of the right moves and the entire organization becomes cohesive and committed to the CEO’s vision.


If you want people to shift from delivering routine and transactional level efforts to giving discretionary contribution, thinking ahead, and solving problems, you need a culture that fosters engagement and innovation. This means your people processes need to integrate with the organization's strategic intent and be built on a constructive, intentional, and healthy culture framework.  

According to a 2018 employee retention report Employees are 23% more likely to stay at a
company if their manager clearly explains their roles and responsibilities

Building Your Employee Lifecycle

This cultural transformation requires that employees be hired mindfully, into purpose-filled roles, and the path to success needs to be obvious.  They need to understand how their role plays a part in the company achieving its vision and must receive the tools, training, and opportunity to self-actualize at work. 


Therefore, the architecture needs to be built for hiring, onboarding, integrating, and development. Every step of the employee lifecycle must be integrated with the noble cause and the organization’s core values. 


So, how does today’s HR manager transform that delicate balance on the knife’s edge? 

With HR Training Programs from KeenAlighment.

Jeff Okun.jpeg

"The group exercises really helped our team to come closer together and agree upon how we want to change our corporate culture and grow.”

- Jeff Okun, Vice President of Sales, Aqua-Chem, Knoxville, TN

KeenAlignment offers THREE HR Training Programs that are built for HR Managers to improve their skills and resolve ongoing performance issues.

Cultural Transformation for HR Managers

Select from the following programs to meet today’s HR challenges:

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Cultural Transformation - the Remedy for Employee Attrition

Deep-seeded problems of high employee attrition and reduced engagement often require a cultural transformation, which can include a list of complex initiatives.

Group 478_2x.png


Are you feeling stuck on your path to senior leadership?

Get personal and inspirational leadership coaching to build momentum in your career advancement. 

Senior Leaders Advance Careers by Inspiring Others.

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Employee Empowerment Comes
from Effective Communication Skills


Make communication effectiveness a cornerstone of your high-performance culture.

Which HR Training Program is best for you? Check out our 5-step Process that we use to determine what’s best. Or…

Take our Free Online Assessment to determine how aligned your strategy, leadership & people are.

CALL 1-833-226-6679 now for a free 30-minute consultation with a culture coach.

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"We engaged Margaret Graziano and KeenAlignment to guide us in developing the position
requirements and selection of a plant manager for one of our manufacturing plants. She has
brought clarity and alignment to this process and also to how the larger team can operate
more effectively. We deeply appreciate the work she is doing and are grateful for her unique


- David Hawkins, COO/CFO, El Dorado Packaging, Rosemount, MN

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