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Human Resources

Understanding the needs of the business and its people.

All “people problems” make it to you sooner or later. You understand both the needs of the business and the needs of the people.


Human Resources is often the first to see when your organization is balancing on a knife’s edge. A few wrong moves and there are serious problems. Some that could get out of hand and be really difficult to recover from.


Or a few of the right moves and the entire organization becomes cohesive and committed to the CEO’s vision. You see what’s possible and you know that people would rather contribute than fight.

Creating Harmony And Results

Here are our options to support you in creating both harmony AND results within your organization.

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Employee Empowerment

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"Magi and the team at Keen executed a high-quality culture assessment and workshop. They identified focus areas within our existing environment and executed a 2-day workshop of 35 employees from around the world. The outcome delivered on our goal to establish a unified mission and vision and associated values. We are grateful for their expertise on this journey."

— George Gallegos, CEO, Jitterbit

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