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Taking Your Top Talent Straight To The Top!

The economy has shifted; the world is changing- we all are trying to do more in less time and with less money. Less than 15% said they were “extremely” satisfied. Meanwhile, employers believe that 30% of their workers are “extremely” satisfied.

As we climb out of this recession we are entering into a brand new place, The Talent Market Place. Companies can hire top talent labor cheaper than ever before. Competitors in your marketplace are popping up all over the globe. What happens when your competition offers your customers a better solution for less money?

We all must maximize our effectiveness while minimizing our costs. Going forward one of the ONLY competitive advantages a company will have is the people working in their organizations. The U.S. talent market is shrinking while the global talent pool is expanding. In the next 4-6 years, companies will face the most challenging and tumultuous times in building and retaining their workforce.

Your company has choice in recruitment solutions. You can build your own, In-source it, outsource it, or wing it. Be Smart, take your top talent to the top by benchmark your key contributor talent, clarify the DNA of winner in your company and then use that DNA to validate new hires.

Once you have evaluated your current workforce: what is working, what is not, what needs to change; you must then hold managers accountable to make that happen, and it will. If you keep this in line you will only have bring in skilled recruiting talent, when you need them.

Choose KeenHire for your next recruitment needs! Within an organization, making certain each role is producing at or above expectations can be extremely time consuming and frustrating, especially for new managers. We have developed a systematic process for putting the right people in the right jobs and therefore improving overall performance and reducing management inefficiencies.

It takes personal accountability, leadership, organization, an ability to motivate and influence and of course a discipline to hire the right people for the right roles. Our proven performance management training and coaching sets your managers and your company up to win.

By:Emily Eastman


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