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Recruitment: Why Change is Good

Global employment is changing rapidly. Within the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed highs and lows that have redefined the way talent is acquired, assessed, and implemented into the various business environments of the modern world. This change has been a result of global events, government regulations, and a changing economic climate that has demanded efficiency. Not only is this change revolutionizing the recruitment and hiring process, but is benefiting both recruiters and growing companies alike.

The Recruiter’s Perspective

With the increased demand for credential-based qualifications and multi-faceted skill sets, recruiting has evolved into a whole new game. The time for high-rate fees and consequential turnover is no more, and has opened the gates for a full-force war for talent. Recruiting is becoming specialized to the point where if you don’t produce results, you’d might as well close up shop. It was once a practice of quantity over quality, flushing monster and career builder for any and every resume that fits the bill. This practice has left many experiencing high turnover and virtually no return on investment when it comes to their company’s workforce.

Specialization is a key concept. Behavioral interviewing, as beneficial as a practice as it may be, has yet to be accepted as mandatory means for providing the right person for the right job. This is problematic in a changing employment marketplace because, at over 9% unemployment, there is plenty of fish in the sea to choose from. Behavioral interviewing tools and personality assessments are becoming more accessible and have the facts to be backed up, so why not jump on the wagon? Sadly to say, many old-school recruiters who have been resisting the change in talent acquisition will be obsolete in the coming years.

The Employer’s Perspective

For companies across the country, this recruitment and hiring change has taken too long to set in. In a capitalist system, like it or not, lower costs yield higher ROI, and when the job is done right (in half the time), you realize you’ve struck gold. Whether outsourced or internally processed, there are easy and inexpensive ways to acquire resumes, but what’s been missing is the quality. The problem here is the cost of a turnover, and when the wrong person is placed in the wrong system, turnover is inevitable.

By implementing behavioral interviewing, management training, and the various breakthroughs in staffing, your company has the tools to not only lower the cost of hiring and human resources, but also increase the return on your company’s investment in its people. It sounds like work, and too much change often is feared, but now is the time to begin implementing processes such as behavioral interviewing in your company’s hiring process. Providing limitless returns on the right investments gears your company for success and provides you with a solid foundation for success.

Recruitment change is good for everyone. Those hiring and those hired alike have the ability to reach exponential strides towards overall success in the workplace. Behavioral interviewing is providing companies with the tools to build productive teams, a happier employee attitude, and an overall better footing for success.


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