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Hiring Better 101

Hiring better people starts with a mindset. In an ever changing world, adapting to new technologies and reevaluation of current systems should always be in consideration. Specifically, the staffing industry is riding a wave of social media correspondence as well as introducing new ideas within the hiring process as a concept. The days of “resume-interview-hire” are over and the power of behavioral interviewing, benchmarking, role analysis, succession planning, and leadership development have shot to the forefront of the industry. For a successful company, incorporating these concepts into your current hiring process can only improve your results and drastically impact your bottom line in a positive way.

As we know, a business is only as strong as its foundation. This means and reinstates that people are the most important and impactful part of a company, for without them the business would cease to exist. Hiring better people for the foundation of your firm will prove profitable and costs significantly less when you take into account the cost of a mis-hire. Many companies today settle or are duped by the fluff of resumes, only to wind up releasing the wrong hire from their duties after investing costly time and money on on-boarding, interviewing, and training. This can all be avoided with a conscious hiring process that delves into the interpersonal motivators of candidates, allowing hiring managers to relate their skills and personalities to top-tier performers already within your workforce.

At KeenHire, our goal is to help businesses across the United States make better hiring decisions for their firm that impact profitability, growth, and overall success. Keen offers various tools and processes to help you reach your goals in 2011 and beyond.

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