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Emerging Leaders Coaching

Over the next 5-8 years, there will be a projected loss of 45% of competent leaders who will be leaving their roles in business for retirement. If not dealt with appropriately and swiftly, leadership gaps can widen beyond repair.

Our coaches have the primary intention to further the goals of your organization by developing and working with next-level managers, emerging leaders and executives. We set your company up to up harvest and grow talent for the next generation of leadership, which will improve retention, engagement and productivity.

We identify emerging leaders, and we develop them using a proven process that determines how closely values and behaviors align. Succession planning is the single most important factor when it comes to scaling effectively. This means that leveraging and retaining your top talent are both essential to sustainability and success.

Business longevity and talent management are inextricably linked, as they each heavily impact the other. We help you put the right people in the right job to start, as well as providing a customized and specifically designed leadership plan with emerging leaders for every level in your company. It has been proven that leadership development and succession planning are essential to reduce the massive losses associated with losing your top talent. Our Leadership Coaches work with you to identify the barriers and the gaps that may exist in your leadership team. From this, we create a customized competency development program to narrow gaps and strengthen next generation leaders.

Our professional coaching program takes a comprehensive approach to developing people. We also use the proven Co-Active approach to identify goals, both professional and personal; the ability to communicate; strong personal accountability and accountability for others. As a result, your emerging leaders rise to the top, and your teams are healthy, happy and productive. This means excellent results for your company on every level.

Each member of our team is committed to your success and to your bottom line.

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