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Call For Executive Recruitment And Talent Management Presenters

HR Executive Forum – Silicon Valley –January 2011

Our intention is to create a transformational Executive Retreat at StillHeart Institute in Woodside California for companies committed to achieving extraordinary results in service delivery, operational excellence and profitability through the power and engagement of their workforce.

Call for Presenters:

I am looking for highly successful Executive Level Recruitment, Corporate Recruiting Leadership and Talent Management Consultants and Practitioners who are at the top of their league, have an extraordinary ability to capture and engage a room and have achieved transformational results in dynamic and challenging environments.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Transformation Consultant

Systemic Change Agent

Leadership Development

Succession Planning

Organizational Development and Design Specialist

Corporate Recruitment Consultant

Engineering Management Recruitment Consultant

Executive Sales Recruiting Practitioner

Management and Executive Recruiting Consultant

Human Resources Management-Operational Excellence

HR Technology Consultant

Recruitment Technology

Performance Management Consulting

Employee Engagement Consultant

Application Process

Please submit your CV, a video of you speaking to a group as well as the 3 goals you want to accomplish by participating in the HR Executive Deadline for submissions 6.29.10


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