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40% of All High Performers Are Looking To Leave Their Jobs

Are your Managers at the top of their game? How would you rate your employee productivity? Are your managers capable of hiring and keeping the right people? Does your company have a Talent Strategy and is it linked to your business strategy?

If customer acquisition and retention important to your business, your success is contingent on the people selling and delivering your service. If profitability and efficiency is important to your operational success than employee engagement, performance management and selecting the right people for the right jobs are critical elements to your people strategy. KeenHire Talent Management’s Talent Strategy 3.0 and the National Association of Personnel Services brings to you an unprecedented opportunity to build and develop your people strategy. Our Certification program covers every aspect of building a high performance Talent Strategy; including Employee Brand Proposition, Sourcing, Selection, On Boarding, Training & Development, Retention, Succession Planning and more. KeenHire & NAPS certificate in Employee Retention teaches professional Staffing, HR, Recruitment and Talent Management professionals to effectively and efficiently execute high impact people systems and processes that leverage your companies profitability.

The certification program walks you through the compelling labor issues effecting all levels of knowledge based, customer centric businesses. Your team comes back to work with specific talent management initiatives and a plan for evaluating your company’s 2012 workforce readiness plan. Join NAPS and KeenHire for 2 extremely powerful days in St. Louis and be instrumental in shifting the impact people make in your organization. By taking this course through the National Association of Personnel Services you save $300.00 of the normal $1299.00 registration. CLICK HERE to register – the class is limited to 20 – or call our NAPS HQ now!

Certification in Employee Retention Distinctions for being an Employer of Choice **HRCI credits earned towards PHR, SPHR, GPHR re-certification. 16 credits. The National Association of Personnel Services, KeenHire and the Human Resources Certification Institute recognize the strategic human capital issues facing U.S. companies today, and this is why we collaboratively bring to you this extraordinary 2 day course. This certification course lays the foundation for you to build an effective talent strategy, one that catapults your company in front of the competition for people, for customers and for market-share.

The dates of the Certification Program are September 28th and 29th, 2010. What you see above is workforce 2015. With fewer people available and interested in full-time jobs, and a sheer diminishing population, US companies will experience all time shortages of full time key contributor, mission critical knowledge and customer facing workers. How will companies who need people in specific roles to develop product, solve problems and take care of their customers meet this unique challenge?

Put yourself in the position to have answers and solutions to these strategic business challenges all companies need to deal with. Being certified in Employee Retention gives you an advantage and gives your company an internal best practices provider. Register now and be ahead of the curve.

CLICK HERE – each class is limited to 20 – or call our HQ now!

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY – September 28th and 29th Email Margo for more detail on Talent Management products, services and packages

Raise Your Employees Level of Impact & Effectiveness with KeenHire’s Personal Training and Development workshops:

1. Emerging Leaders Coaching Program and Manager Training is for people who have strong natural talent, desire and capabilities to be leaders within an organization. KeenHire’s Emerging Leader and New Manager training program is ideal for individual contributors in Operations, Sales, Engineering, Service, HR and Finance transitioning to Management and Leadership positions. Click Here for course overview.

2. Success Factor-Maximize Your Effectiveness. What would be possible if your employees brought strategic personal empowerment distinctions and a daily dose of discipline to their professional life? When your employees personal goals and values are congruent with the company’s mission and vision employee productivity and loyalty soars. When employees are working for more than their paycheck employee engagement and productivity improves. When employees feel integrated into the company and that there is a bright future for them they take personal pride in delivering exceptional customer service. KeenHire’s 6 week Success Factor coaching program is for high potential key contributors whose Managers want to groom for higher levels of responsibility. Click Here for course overview.

3. Strategic Selling for Recruitment, Staffing and Talent Managment Professionals- This course starts October 4, 2010 and runs for 6 weeks on Monday mornings.

No money or time for training? Visit the KeenHire on line store and purchase staffing, recruitment and management tools, workbooks, scripts, manuals, assessments, CD’s, DVD’s, books and more all designed to leverage your company as an Employer of Choice. Follow keenmargo on twitter and get discounts on training and products

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