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Recruiting Millennials? Keep it Social and Keep it Simple

Recruiting millennials takes economy of communication and a compelling message, and it also takes relationship building. This is the challenge and the opportunity if you want to have millennials in your workforce.

For your message to reach the millennial generation, it has to capture their attention immediately. Millennials have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, and 97 percent or more of them use texts to communicate. They expect to know within the first phrase of any message whether it matters to them and what action will be required. They also expect to be familiar with your business before dialogue about work even begins. Your recruitment strategy must incorporate clear, sharp communication and optimal use of social media.

Make sure that your internet presence is consistent and compelling.

The millennial generation is not content with job security and a paycheck. They want to be fully engaged and using their talents at work. Millennials expect to enjoy their work and to make a significant contribution. They also expect to be paid well. Your Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and website presence should communicate clearly that employee engagement is paramount, and that your workplace is interesting, prosperous, and innovative. Any discussion about working for your company will be most productive if the candidate already has a positive impression of your business.

Keep your message short and to the point.

This is the generation that has introduced text into the English language. They are masters at multitasking, and are accustomed to their vital information in small, digestible installments. Any message you send, whether it is a recruiting presentation or an email, has to capture their attention in the first sentence and keep it long enough to communicate a call to action. Relationship building occurs over several communications, not in one long email.

Create a vivid picture of how great it is to work for you.

An important component of your recruiting message is a good look at what a work day looks like in your business. Is it interesting? For millennials, boring is the worst thing to put up with on a job. Are there opportunities to shine? Challenges? Millennials are very social and are skilled networkers. Your communication has to show that opportunities for collaboration, contribution, and employee engagement are plentiful in your business.

What are you tweeting? What’s on your Facebook timeline? Are people engaged? If you have a company blog, do people comment? Active interchange communicates vitality and opportunity.

To make sure your message is reaching the right people, let one of our Keenhire consultants assess your social media and web strategy.

posted by Elizabeth Danu


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