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Maximize Your Effectiveness with the Success Factor

The Premise You are the sum of the results produce in life. While some like to point to luck being at play when great success is reached. I say luck is what happens when hard work and preparation meet opportunity and inspired action.

This high-energy, collaborative program highlights the drivers and levers that bring long-term personal and business success.

If YOU are really the source of your own success it is powerful to take a look at how that success happens.

The thoughts you have, the beliefs you hold, the actions your take, the people you surround yourself with, what you spend your money on and how you spend your free time is all about your choices; and your choices determine your outcomes.

Explore and create a vision for yourself and your future that it inspires you to take the actions that lead to success. Click here to Register NOW

The Program

• You to the 5th power

• Engaging Risk

• Making the Right Choices

• Being Unstoppable

• Commitment – Living inside a context for winning

The Takeaways

1. Goal setting tools that turn ideas into action

2. Actionable activities that sharpen your saw

3. Heightened awareness of what stops you and how to cut that off at the pass

4. Self Management strategies that eliminate time bandits and unworthy distraction

5. Resources to maximize your strengths

The Expert

At 21, single mother Margaret Graziano had a tough choice to make: to fight for child support or try supporting her family with a straight commission sales job. She chose the latter and never looked back. Graziano began her personnel career as an employment consultant earning a six dollar an hour draw and within 10 years, had opened her own staffing agency. In testament to her business savvy she has established a client base stemming from 80% repeat business, earned more than $5,000,000 in personal “desk production” income, and placed more than 2,000 candidates in direct hire positions with a 98% placement satisfaction rating.

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Virtual Courses consist of 6 weekly 1 hour sessions and begin on Monday evening June 14, August 9, October 4 at 6:00 pst and costs $299.00 per person. Save 30% overall when you register 3 or more participants. Click NOW to Register.


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