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Market Manager -Chicago

Market Manager

You enjoy selling and business development, creating strategic solutions that meet your customers’ needs as well as becoming an integral part of your customers strategic advisory counsel. An ideal opportunity for you is one that affords you an opportunity to sell a unique service offering, provides residual income, a sales process that knocks out the competition and gives you the freedom to uncap your income.

You are looking for a high impact business-to-business sales and market manager role. You are inspired about selling customer centric, high value, customizable HR and Talent Management solutions. You pride yourself on your ability to establish and build long-term business relationships, open up new accounts, cross sell multiple service lines and continually grow your customer base. You are looking for the right company to join forces with, one that rewards your tenacity and drive and that affords you the opportunity for growth, development, advancement and a potential equity stake.

As the KeenHire Chicago Market Manager you are responsible for developing, building and selling our brand in the Chicago marketplace. You are selling turnkey HR and Talent Management consulting solutions to companies interested in effectively scaling, optimizing their workforce and maximizing their return on HR investments.

You are an innovative, driven, successful professional with strong business–to-business sales and account management expertise as well as a deep Chicago decision maker contact list. Your tenacity and drive rewards you with a strong income and a steady stream of new customers. Your strategic selling ability makes you well poised to sell to the C suite and deliver high impact business solutions that effect your customers’ bottom line profitability. Your exemplary full scope of Account Management skills positions you as a leading resource for your customers.

In the next 5 years 90% of companies report they need to improve and expand their recruitment and retention programs to compete for the best talent. Many companies state they are ill equipped to manage their expected growth, mitigate their risk in hiring, reduce unwanted turnover and compete for the best U.S. talent for key contributor, mission critical and leadership talent. That is where we come in.

We are KeenHire Talent Management; we provide the next generation of recruitment and retention solutions to growing organizations where hiring the RIGHT mission critical, key contributor and leadership talent for the right roles for the right price is imperative to their success. We are growing and need the right person to lead and build the Chicago Market.

The ideal career situation for you is working with a team of committed individuals who are out to make a difference and shift what is possible in the workplace. You enjoy a remote environment that gives you opportunity to travel, equips you with state of the art tools and technology, and provides complete training in leading edge Talent Management practices and methodologies. The ideal opportunity for you allows you to play to your strengths, be the best person you can be and paves the way for a flourishing career in HR & Talent Management Consulting


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