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Hiring Manager Training & Coaching

Jack Welch speaks, writes and leads from the philosophy that companies need to hire people that can clearly execute on their vision or they simply won’t get where they trying to go.

Hiring Managers Aren’t Trained to Hire Right, Yet They’re Held Accountable for Results

Just like any other business skill or core competency, the ability to effectively identify and select the right candidate and to develop them into a true difference maker is learned over time. Your vice presidents, directors, and managers run your business every day. Much more infrequently, they have to make a hiring decision. It’s therefore quite natural that most hiring authorities simply haven’t had the practice needed to excel at targeted selection. So what happens? Gut decisions are made. It’s like buying a car for the paint job, the slick tires and the curb appeal, without a clear understanding of what’s truly under the hood. Then you go to work with your new hire and realize that his personality and talent for communication just can’t make up for his inability to be effective on the job.

KeenHire Helps You Change That

KeenHire’s established hiring systems, processes, and tools are designed to train managers to follow a standard for hiring. The hiring managers are taught methods ranging from benchmarking the role, candidate attraction and social networking, to using assessments to find out more about a candidate, conducting behavioral interviews and ultimately making the right hiring choices.

With this system in place, KeenHire then helps your hiring managers develop skills for integrating, motivating, delegating, training and developing new employees. Our on-boarding and employee development programs ensure that the new employee’s performance is effectively cultivated and your initial goals for hiring are met. Contact us today to learn more!


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