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Executive Search

Outstanding talent is what your business needs to move forward.

KeenHire delivers.

Talent, skill and education alone will not make your company great. Our firm will find you the extraordinary leaders who are fully aligned with the vision you have for your business. Our Retained Search process ensures that we fully understand what drives your company, using our own signature organizational assessments to understand your company’s direction, competitive advantages, values, and unique challenges. The result is a dynamic, effective executive search process that brings you exactly the right leadership for your business.

Our consultants have been finding top talent for forward-thinking businesses for over three decades, and our company has a long list of successful projects, programs and customer references. Our Retained Search process starts with the vision you have for your business, so we can help you find the right people and systems to bring your vision to life in the marketplace.

Our organizational assessments are designed to discern what competencies, behaviors, beliefs, values and emotional intelligence levels your leadership team must possess to be exactly the right fit for your company’s mission and values. KeenHire’s proprietary Role Analysis process has been utilized in over 100 companies and is the foundation of all of our Retained Search projects. The result is that our founders have successfully placed over 2,500 business leaders.

Our Conscious Hiring™ process has been proven successful for finding the right people for the right job, quickly and successfully. Using this process, KeenHire creates a DNA profile of what expertise and behaviors your ideal candidate must demonstrate to be the effective leader who can move your company in the right direction. Only your ideal candidates who fit the exact criteria will be presented to your company. You then get the best of the best to choose from, giving you the maximum return on your human capital investment.

Keenhire has the skill and expertise to find you exactly the top performers you’re looking for.


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