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Establishing Performance Criteria For Your Talent Acquisition Department

Wow! As the market begins to rebound I am amazed at all the nation wide openings for internal Human Resources roles. Most of these roles no longer carry the Human Resources title; the most popular title I noted I see is Talent Acquisition Director.

What amazes and concerns me is, in none of these job advertisements for Talent Acquisition Director; absolutely none of them have the key performance indicators and specific measureable intended outcomes clearly delineated in the ad. In the cases where there is no Human Resources leadership in place I understand a lack of clarity in role expectations, however in hundreds of cases the companies doing the hiring have well established HR executives and HR leaders and still no clear expectations listed.

If companies really want to impact their ability to hire and retain ‘A’ players they must clearly outline the specific measurable results for those expected to deliver. ‘A’ players want to win and area attracted to challenges.

Any company taking the initiative to hire a Talent Acquisition professional for the purpose of owning the recruitment role and impacting their ability to build and grow

their talent pool must also understand that you get what you expect. If you are not clear on what you expect you can not expect people to deliver just because they hold the title and have a resume that says they know how to recruit.

A solid Talent Acquisition Director has typically spent their career working in organizations that paid for performance, rewarded proactive behavior and expected innovation and creativity on a daily basis.

I am going to give an example of some key performance indicators a well-crafted Talent Acquisition Director Role might include. While these are only an example I think you will get the concept of clearly articulating role expectations.

Time to Fill – Talent Acquisition Director is expected to build and maintain a pipeline of at least 25 qualified potential software engineer candidates at all times therefore impacting their ability to fill open positions within 20 business days.

Quality of Hires – It is expected that 85% of all Talent Acquisition Director’s new hires are achieving intended outcomes at their 90 day, 6 month and 12 month performance review.

Employment Brand Management – Talent Acquisition Director is continually delivering a high quality recruitment and engagement experience for candidates involved in our companies hiring process resulting in increased high quality applicant referrals and high marks on new hire surveys.

Customer Service – Hiring Mangers are delighted with the level of service and attention their recruitment needs and business unit receives from the Talent Acquisition Director.

They key to building a strategic HR department is to be the change you want to see. If you want the Talent Acquisition Director role to deliver and truly impact your businesses ability to grow and compete then you need to consciously hire the right person. In order to hire the right person for the Talent Acquisition Director you must be specific about what you expect the role to produce. You must be clear about what you expect the role to deliver and what excellent performance looks like.

Once you are specific about what you expect it will be that much easier to identify the person who has the competencies and ability to achieve those results. At KeenHire our proprietary conscious hiring process begins with creating the KPIs for each role and is completed by clearly detailing the behaviors, competencies, values, motivators and emotional intelligence it takes on a daily basis to perform effectively in the role.


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