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Employer of Choice. Train Your Managers To Retain The Best Employees

The Premise

With a rocky economy, emerging industries on the rise, four generations in the workforce, Sr. level leaders on the verge of retirement or redeployment and a sea of talent management issues knocking at your door, it is time to start thinking about how our company will maximize it’s return on your people investments.

The Society of Human Resource Management reports that 6 of the top 10 Workplace Trends are directly related to talent acquisition, selection & retention.

The number 1 trend to most likely have a major impact on the workplace is workforce retention, and the most critical HR function effecting business strategy is Staffing/Employment and Recruiting. Companies who know that people are their competitive advantage are focusing on achieving organizational effectiveness, implementing stronger hiring processes, improving employee engagement, impacting workforce retention and elevating the performance of their people.

The KeenHire™ Talent Strategy 3.0 program empowers employers to take a new look at their human resource processes and their approach to Talent Management, Recruitment, Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Key Contributor Employee Retention.

Join us for this provocative, insightful and fun program that delves into the corporate strategic talent management and workforce performance issues and highlights innovative and practical solutions to solve them. Click Here NOW to register.

The Program

We delve into your company’s employment recruitment and retention issues, dispel the myths and uncover critical issues that affect your company’s ability to attract and keep the right people in your key contributor and next level leadership roles.

-Employee Retention -Understand the difference between Talent Equity and Tenure Equity. Review the generational parameters and influencers effecting employee engagement & retention. Delve into practical retention strategies and how to implement them into your day to day business.

-Workforce Assessment-Learn the organizational development approach to uncovering your company’s people challenges. Work with Benchmarking and Top Grading and learn how it can help you help your company maximize it’s returns on it’s people investments and mitigate hiring, engagement & retention mistakes.

-The Talent Mindset -Understand how a change in mindset is imperative to your company’s ability to attract and retain the right people in the right roles. Strategize on astute methods, keen processes and provocative employee programs that forward your company to be an Employer of Choice.

-The Real Cost of Employee Turnover-Work through a hands on deep digging exercise and uncover the painful impact of hiring the wrong person or keeping the wrong person in a key role.

Take Aways

1. You gain hands on experience in uncovering the Real Cost of Employee Turnover and the impact that it has on your ability to achieve your corporate strategic objectives.

2. You learn the organizational development methodology for assessing your company’s real human capital needs.

3. You gain competence and capability to improve your company’s ability to attract, select, engage, manage and retain your mission critical, key contributor and next level leadership talent.

4. You walk away with power and prowess as well as hundreds of practical employee retention strategies and employee engagement initiatives that forward your company’s ability to incorporate the Talent Mindset into your everyday management and people practices.

The Expert

Margo coaches business leaders on building strategic minded stakeholder centric organizations. Her expertise in Strategic planning and Organizational effectiveness position her in a senior level Executive advisory role. She has developed proprietary work flow process, training and tools that enable her customers to implement Conscious-hiring protocols, High performing Recruitment initiatives, Employee Retention and Leadership development.

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Virtual Courses consist of 8 weekly 2 hour sessions and begin on June 18, August 9, September 17 and costs $599.00 per person. Save 30% overall when you register 3 or more participants.


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