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Emerging Leaders Immersion Training

The Premise If you are new to the responsibility of Managing people, process or systems and your company requires an efficient and effective use of their resources this hands on Management immersion training program is for you.

This high-energy, collaborative program hones in on the fundamentals of managing your team, maximizing your effectiveness and building a high performance team. Click here to register NOW!

The Program • Workplace Strengths Awareness • Delegating Authority • Accountability • Personal Productivity • Hiring the Right People

• Motivating and Inspiring your team • Performance Management • Navigating through your Role as Manager and Key Contributor

The Takeaways 1. You gain power and prowess in your ability to lead 2. You walk away embracing your managerial role 3. You learn systematic methods to maximize productivity

4. You get a process for hiring, on boarding and managing your team 5. You focus on building and strengthening on your and your teams X-Factor

The Expert Margo coaches business leaders on building strategic minded stakeholder centric organizations. Her expertise in Strategic planning and Organizational effectiveness position her in a senior level Executive advisory role. She has developed proprietary work-flow process, training and tools that enable her customers to implement Conscious-hiring protocols, High performing Recruitment initiatives, Employee Retention and Leadership development.

Want to Bring a KeenHire Consultant In-house? Call Today! 1-888-533-6447


Virtual Courses consist of 8 weekly 90 minute sessions and begin on Monday mornings June 14, August 30, October 11 at 9:00 a.m. pst and costs $399.00 per person. Save 30% overall when you register 3 or more participants. Click here NOW to register.

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