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Don’t Let Your Leaders Be Stuck In The Past; Implement 21st Century Leadership Principles Now!

There are many extremely effective leadership styles. The purpose of this program is to enable new and experienced managers to breakthrough leadership barriers that inhibit freedom, self-expression and joy in the workplace.

We focus with you on bringing forth best leadership practices, enhancing your management operating style, implementing accountability systems, encouraging an awareness of your impact on others, and building and developing high-performance teams.

Webinar Info

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Date: Oct 12, 2011

Time: 10:30AM- 12:00PM PST

The intention is to further the goals of your organization through developing the next-level managers, leaders and executives.

In this fast moving program you learn the core distinctions of effective leadership. You maximize your natural leadership strengths and leverage your core competencies to inspire, motivate and lead your team while ensuring key objectives and performance indicators are achieved.

21st Century Leadership Take Aways:

  1. Fundamentals of Authentic Leadership

  2. Create Powerful Mission Centered Meetings

  3. Goal setting tools that turn ideas into action

  4. Mastery Steps for Professional Leadership Development

  5. Tools for Building & Developing a High Performance Team

  6. Self Management strategies that eliminate time bandits and unworthy distractions

When you play to your strengths and apply proven 21st century leadership principles, your experience of managing and leading transforms from forcing, pushing and driving outcomes to empowering, inspiring and achieving fulfillment.

The Expert

Margaret Graziano is a torchbearer in the Staffing and Recruitment industry. Her visionary ability, astute knowledge of full life cycle Talent Management and her tenure in the field, positions her far ahead of the Human Capital innovation curve. In the early 2000’s Graziano shifted her mindset from recruiter working to make a placements to consultant committed to building extraordinary workforces. She added a talent management division to her staffing operation, adopted a world-class Conscious Hiring and placement process and significantly invested in her own personal and professional development. She utilizes her certifications in Organizational Development, Behavioral Interviewing, Psychometric Assessment usage, Role Analysis and Employee Retention to create curriculum and programs that elevate KeenHire’s customers’ ability to hire and retain the right people.

Join us to explore and create a leadership plan of action for yourself and your future that it inspires you to take the actions that lead to success! Click HERE to register NOW!


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