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Cutting Edge Talent Analyst Position Now Open! San Jose

You are a full life cycle recruiter who loves what you do! You experience yourself as a person who operates with a high level of integrity, and you want to work in an environment that rewards your high quality standards and precise candidate recommendations. You are an analytical and service-minded professional with a solid and stable work history, 5 years of expertise in recruiting, and 3 years of selection-based hiring and recruitment process efficiency. You have well defined organizational and planning skills and a strong desire to make a difference for people in their careers, lives, and workplaces.

As a KeenHire Talent Analyst you are a key staff person responsible for quality assurance and for delivering in Top Grading and Recruitment initiatives on time and within budget.

You pride yourself on your solution-oriented behavior; your critical thinking skills and your excellent follow up and follow through as well as your highly effective talent evaluation and matching skills. You enjoy a highly productive, fast paced work environment where you have to juggle multiple priorities daily to meet your customer and candidates’ needs. You thrive in a role where you are the ultimate quality assurance person responsible for making an organizational impact, achieving quality standards and strengthening customer relationships.

We are KeenHire Talent Management; we provide the next generation of recruitment and retention solutions to growing organizations where hiring the RIGHT mission critical, key contributor and leadership talent for the right roles is imperative to their success. We are growing and need the right person to work as an integral part of our team and act as a key contributor in this very important Recruitment, Project Management and QA role.

The ideal opportunity for you is one that you are challenged at every day, where you get to continually learn new concepts, skills and processes and one that allows you to work with a team of committed individuals who are out to make a difference and shift what is possible in the workplace.

You enjoy working in an upbeat, inspiring office with a committed team. You are excited about the monthly opportunity to travel and grow your career. The ideal role for you for you allows you to play to your strengths, be a ‘go to’ team member add value and make a difference for your customers and peers.

Job Requirements

  1. 5+ years full cycle recruiting

  2. 3 yrs selection-based hiring and recruitment process efficiency

  3. Excellent phone voice

  4. Persuasive communicator

  5. highly attuned analytical skills

  6. MS Office

Get excited about a career with KeenHire! Click HERE to apply now!


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