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Acing the HR Interview

Join Margaret Graziano and the Northern California Human Resource Association this Friday at 10:00 a.m. for a fabulous, informative and inspiring presentation specifically geared towards Human Resources professionals on Acing the HR Interview.

Whether you are an HR Consultant, Recruiter, HR Strategist, Benefits Manager, Strategic Business Partner, VP of HR, CPO, in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management or an Executive Search consultant the game of Human Resources and everything tied to it has changed.

Smart companies are adding roles such as Chief People Officer and giving that role the complete responsibility for maximizing the company’s returns on their people investments. These key roles are created to own the processes and results for recruitment, employee retention, employee engagement, training and development, performance management, succession planning and more. Other firms are adding roles such as Director Talent Acquisition, VP of Talent Management and Employee Retention Specialist.

Given the only true differentiation any company really has is in the people they employ to create, deliver and manage their service, “People” Management has become a strategic issue.

The current state of the economic rebound, globalization, competition, price wars and emerging industries are just some of the compelling issues facing companies; add in the mass amount of people looking to retire and the 15.3% fewer workers available for the next generation of leaders and do not forget the millennial generation who have a ton to offer yet no business or people savvy and you have a perfect talent management storm. This storm creates an abundance of opportunities for strategic and business minded Human Resource industry professionals.

If you are up for the game, the next 10 years is the prime time for you to make your impact and leave your legacy. If you are exceptional at what you do, have a strong work ethic, think like a business person, have a healthy mix of concern for people and profitability and are willing to continue your education and stay ahead of the curve, there are no limits on what you can accomplish.

Margaret Graziano’s Acing the Interview presentation enables you to evaluate your talents and strengths and target them towards business that needs what you offer. It delves into what you need to know about yourself and things you ought to consider before putting yourself in front of opportunities. The presentation digs into what and how the employers think when they are interviewing you, it teaches you how to communicate to your buyer (the employer).

Additionally and most importantly, the presentation gives you the tools to knock the socks off of the companies you are interviewing with. Join us this Friday from 10:00-11:30. Register now!


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