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About Us

KeenHire Talent Management

We help our customers select, hire, develop, manage and retain highly qualified people with specialized skills in customer interfacing roles.

We Believe

Hiring is a science. A resume can only tell you so much about a person, and little to nothing about that person’s values and motivators. Without the science behind hiring, you’d might as well be fishing. And it’s not just us, there’s evidence everywhere you look – high turnover, high unemployment, and lots of money wasted hiring the wrong person.

Employees and employers are partners in the game. Happy employees make happy employers, and as an employer, if someone doesn’t fit the job’s competency requirements why even give them a chance? As an employee, why jump into a job that doesn’t fit your strengths? Employment is a two-way street and it’s our job to put the right person in the right role for the benefit of both the candidate and the hiring firm.

Our commitment is to transform the act of hiring into a strategic business process that directly impacts the profitability and effectiveness of our customers’ organizations.

We Specialize In

Strategy & Planning: Organizational Development, Corporate Culture Transformation, Strategy Execution Recruiting & Hiring: Conscious Hiring™, Sales Hiring, Sales Team Recruiting, Executive Search Management Training: Leadership Training, Executive Coaching, Succession Planning, Sales Leader Training Workforce Optimization: Talent Strategy, Performance Management, Employee Retention, Benchmarking


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