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AAs experts in the “people business,” it’s our job to share our knowledge with the world. Our commitment is to positively impact the industry, empower stronger employee-employer relationships, and transform the way businesses interact with their people. We do this on the corporate level, independent professional level, and the candidate level.

We help businesses scale for growth and hire key contributors in customer-facing roles

We give industry professionals the tools and knowledge they need to hire right

We unite highly skilled, highly qualified candidates in jobs they can (will) succeed at

And the best part? We love teaching…

Conscious Hiring™

A revolutionary insight into the world of full life-cycle recruitment, from sourcing to selection, Conscious Hiring™ is a systematic hiring process that generates 2-3 highly skilled, highly qualified candidates for a given opening. With Conscious Hiring™, companies experience faster hires, less turnover, improved ramp-up times, and a headache-free hiring process.

You walk away with: 1. A blueprint for creating a highly effective Conscious Hiring™ process 2. Insight into Role Analysis, and why it is the key to effective sales hiring 3. Understand how & why to use psychometric assessment tools 4. Review Behavioral Interviewing techniques; the when, why and how

Talent Strategy 3.0

Part of growing a business, expanding a career as a recruiter, or improving any hiring situation is having the right strategy in place. At KeenHire, we call this “Choosing Your Talent Wisely.” In today’s volatile candidate pool, there’s absolutely no way casting a lone stone will ever yield you the best candidate for the job… so what do you do? How do you win? With Talent Strategy 3.0.

You walk away with: 1. Hands-on experience uncovering the Real Cost of Employee Turnover 2. Knowledge about the organizational development methodology for assessing real human capital needs 3. The competence and capability to improve your company’s ability to attract, select, engage, and retain 4. Power to develop a winning employer value proposition and new retention/engagement initiatives

21st Century Leadership

As we progress into a (relatively) new decade, the employment marketplace is changing rapidly. In the next 5-10 years, the current majority of working professionals (baby boomers) will be replaced by 51,000,000 LESS people (26-34 year olds). What this means is a talent shortage, a multi-generational workforce, and a huge need for quality leadership in corporate America.

You walk away with: 1. Fundamentals of authentic leadership 2. Mastery steps for professional leadership development 3. Insight and tools for building and developing a high performance team 4. Self-management strategies that eliminate time bandits and distractions

Acing the Interview

After years and years in interviews – whether internal or for customers – if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to land a job when it comes down to an interview. We know what it takes, we know what growing companies are looking for, and we know the science behind what really makes a good candidate. With that said, we’re pleased to share our secrets. | Watch Now >


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