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The Next 3 Phases of the Post-Pandemic Workplace Culture



The pandemic, it seems, is here to stay. Updated views of living in a post-vaccination world are continuing to change. Workplace team leaders have shifted focus from productivity and accountability to managing uncertainty and anxiety. With employee turnover rates soaring, we must address the next phases of our post-pandemic workplace culture and adapt to the newest challenges ahead.

Workplace environments are now plagued by employees feeling unsettled due to the effects of the pandemic. Leaders are struggling to keep morale up while finding solutions through the psychological aspects of employees returning to a new environment while working together – when they’ve been working in isolation for so long.

Managers have had to implement new technological methodologies to ensure employees are held accountable for productivity while maintaining trust; it’s a double-edged sword.

Companies that are too loose in their approach see productivity decline rapidly. Using a too rigid approach and they find themselves killing the creativity and out-of-the-box ideas that keep the company moving forward. What are the next phases of the post-pandemic workplace culture and how can we navigate through them?

Here’s our top 3 phases of the post-pandemic workplace culture:

New Normal

#1) Accept that the new-normal is being pushed further into the future: It’s a catch-phrase that we’re underestimating it’s effect on workplace culture. We all need a rhythm to feel settled – promising that the new normal is here to stay is not realistic. Focus instead on the truth – we’re moving through the pandemic, and each day, every day, policies, procedures and guidelines can and most likely will change. Instead of getting caught up in the waves of chaos, keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand, reaching goals and ensuring accountability, connection and communication.

Returning to the office

#2) Understand that using the word “returning” to the office, may not be relatable for employees. Compassion needs to exist in our workplace language, in our approach of understanding that we may never return to a pre-pandemic way of life. COVID-19 has changed each one of us in so many ways. We may be going back to a workplace environment, but from a psychological perspective, it may help for leaders and employers to consider this trigger word. Gaining perspective, it may aid in helping employees cope with a continually changing workplace culture.

#3) Give space – more than just social-distancing, lead opportunities for learning as employees are working through so much more than the important projects in front of them. They may also feel overwhelmed using a different technology, a different methodology. Designate a new workplace rhythm and then give employees the right balance of space and encouragement to find harmonize within it. While accountability is key, be sure to include increased check-ins and additional communication through compassionate connection.

While the pandemic has created a spotlight that shines brightly on most of the workplace issues previously in the dark, we now have the opportunity to work together to create a new approach. And that’s where KeenAlignment can help.

Through our Organizational Culture program, KeenAlignment can build custom solutions that put you in the driver’s seat and empower YOU to lead the way. Standing for an aligned and engaged workforce that creates tangible business results, earns the respect and admiration of the people you support and influence.

Achieving a good company culture means business leaders and executives bring alignment to the business strategy, the people and the organizational culture. Through this, companies accomplish their goals and objectives and allow for growth so they can move with velocity.

You know you’re facing a misaligned culture when your organization experiences low morale, disengaged employees, high turnover rates and negative customer experiences, all of which dramatically reduce productivity and profits.

Imagine a thriving organizational culture. Your workforce is mostly inspired, accountable and innovative – they are eager to show up to work and contribute to the success of the organization. Productivity and profits improve and your business experiences acceleration and momentum.

To learn more about KeenAligment’s Organizational Culture program, visit:


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