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Talent Strategy or Competition? How to make all your people feel like they’ve been promoted

I recently read an article for employees about how to position themselves for a promotion. In a corporate culture where the path to the goods is getting on top, getting that promotion is the key to nirvana. The next step up the corporate ladder means more money, more respect, more job satisfaction, and perhaps a sense of job security, if anyone has that these days! What if all those things could occur for everyone who works for your business?

You can reference the entire article here. For our purposes, I’ll give you the tip for getting that promotion, followed by deeper look at how you can optimize your employee engagement strategy.

  1. Know your job. The advice for promotion seekers is to do a good job with the one they have. This is easy to do if the job is a good fit. Your job as a manager is to hire right in the first place. Keenhire’s Conscious Hiring process ensures precious time and resources are not used placing a square peg in a round hole.

  2. Volunteer. People who want to be made use of make themselves useful. Your job is to have a great talent strategy so that the gifts and talents in your talent pool are contributing. This is how everybody wins! You get the best results, and your people get to do what they’re good at.

  3. Create your own position. When people are stepping into a need, new job descriptions get created. Your job is to develop your people so they can step into the new opportunities that your company’s growth will provide. A comprehensive employee development strategy is a must.

  4. Let your boss know. Your job is not to wait for an employee to tell you they are interested in contributing. Make sure your employees know that you know who they are, and are paying attention. This is a key component to employee engagement, which I discussed in last week’s blog.

  5. Get more education. Your job is to add value to your workplace by providing ongoing training and development within your organization that helps people do what they do even better.

  6. Don’t create drama. It is difficult for your employees to create drama if you have crafted your company culture to reflect the ideals that everyone wants to participate in. Company culture starts from the top down, and congruence throughout the organization will make drama a waste of time for all concerned. Keenhire’s organizational assessment tools will help you understand what’s going on at every level of your organization.

  7. Network. The promotion seeker networks. The productive organization encourages collaboration. Cooperation rather than competition is something that you can create, if you’ve hired right, provided a dynamic, creative, high performance company culture, and set up an ongoing employee development strategy.

Today’s economic climate requires that people at every level of your business are engaged and happy. A promotion is a great thing, and you can ensure that everyone who works for you is happy without one. To make sure you’re creating the company culture you want, talk to a Keenhire consultant today at 888-533-6447.

Written by Elizabeth Danu


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