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Talent Strategy And Workforce Optimization

If you have been concerned about how your company can compete for key talent now and in the future, it is imperative to sit down with the business leader and discuss the need to develop a compelling talent strategy. An effective talent and workforce strategy must have more than an endorsement from the CEO. In other words, developing and implementing a competitive and effective talent strategy for the purpose of optimizing your workforce must be an initiative that comes from the top of an organization. Without stakeholder alignment no talent strategy can sustain the test of time.

With four generations in the workforce, emerging industries on the rise, senior level leaders on the verge of retirement or redeployment and a whole new generation entering the workforce, every company who relies on people to deliver a service needs to be working on building competent hiring practices, creating employee development programs and establishing competitive employee retention strategies. While these are all elements of an effective talent strategy they are not the only important factors. Workforce optimization requires a comprehensive holistic approach that includes metrics and measurement in key areas of concern – employee retention ratios and hiring effectiveness ratings, from both the hiring manager and the new employee.

Our consultants empower you to take a new look at your people, talent and workforce processes, new hire on-boarding, employee development and workforce retention. We work with you to address the major barrier to an effective talent strategy – employee turnover. If retaining employees in key roles is an issue for your company, we work with you to uncover critical issues that affect your company’s ability to attract and keep good people. When it comes to the cost of employee turnover and the impact that it has on your company’s ability to achieve your strategic objectives, we dig into your talent equity and tenure equity ratios and work with you to understand the impact these ratios have on the organization.

We apply a strategic organizational development approach to assessing your company’s talent and workforce strategy needs and work with you and your stakeholders to incorporate a talent mindset. Some of the first areas we analyze in our organizational assessment is employee alignment, personnel, team effectiveness, and management all critical components of an effective talent strategy and workforce optimization.

To learn more about our approach to Workforce Optimization and Talent Strategy reach out to a consultant today. 888-533-6447


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