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Talent Management Analyst

You are an analytical, service minded business professional with a solid and stable work history and 8 years of domain expertise in Recruitment, HR Consulting or Organizational Analysis. You have well defined organizational and planning skills and a desire to make a difference for people in their careers, lives and workplaces.

As a KeenHire Talent Analyst you will be a key member of our team in delivering in Top Grading initiatives, Organizational and Workforce Analysis, Succession Planning and Employee Development recommendations and programs.

You pride yourself your solution oriented, critical thinking skills, your excellent follow up and follow through and your highly effective business and talent analysis abilities. You enjoy a busy schedule with a variety of similar deadline driven projects on your plate. You thrive in a role where you are required to collect data from a variety of resources, assimilate information, produce findings and make recommendations.

In the next 5 years 90% of companies report they need to improve and expand their recruitment and retention programs to compete for the best talent. Many companies state they are ill equipped to manage their expected growth, mitigate their risk in hiring, reduce unwanted turnover and compete for the best U.S. talent for key contributor, mission critical and leadership talent.

We are KeenHire Talent Management; we provide the next generation of recruitment and retention solutions to growing organizations where hiring the RIGHT mission critical, key contributor and leadership talent for the right roles for the right price is imperative to their success. We are growing and needs the right person to work as an integral part of our team and act as a key contributor in our Organizational consulting, Employee Selection and Talent Management service lines.

The ideal career situation for you is working with a team of committed individuals who are out to make a difference and shift what is possible in the workplace. You enjoy a remote environment that gives you opportunity to travel, equips you with state of the art tools and technology, and provides complete training in leading edge Talent Management practices and methodologies. The ideal opportunity for you allows you to play to your strengths, be the best person you can be and paves the way for a flourishing career in Talent Management and Organizational consulting.


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