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Talent Acquisition

Companies that need to recruit and hire high caliber talent for customer facing of roles are relying more and more on the strength of their internal Talent Acquisition people and systems as the primary source of talent acquisition and talent pipeline building. Sure these same companies know that at times they must augment their teams for recruiting peaks, and they also are very aware that the life of their company depends on the people inside and who better to source, identify, recruit and hire the fuel for their business engine than other like-minded professionals aligned with their corporate mission and purpose.

Talent Acquisition teams are invented with a diverse group of people; either as members of hiring teams or as full time recruiters from every department within the business, whether it be operations, finance, sales or marketing. Companies are realizing that passion, practical thinking, logic, empathy, business sense and strategic thinking are all required elements to attract and select next generation leaders and managers for key people facing roles such as Sales, Service, and Engineering.

A better talent strategy and forward thinking talent acquisition systems, along with innovative recruiting and selection methods are all imperative for an effective and robust recruiting function. A compelling employment brand that shows up on your employment web page, on your internal and external company webpage and in your recruitment advertising demonstrates your commitment to being a preferred employer. In a labor market where the demand for astute and fluid customer facing people for high impact sales, service, engineering and management roles; your company must stand out from the sea of employment competition. The right matched candidates need identify with your company and see themselves as a recipient of your employment brand. High quality of hire candidates align or detach themselves from your talent acquisition team and employee selection process, so choose your talent acquisition people, your approach and your recruiting execution strategy wisely. Communicate the benefit of being a candidate, participating in your employee selection process and the benefit of being matched to the right job for the right reasons through your recruiting and sourcing team.

A congruent, cohesive candidate sourcing process that generates high quality candidates and proactively builds talent pipelines and is ready, when you need it should be a goal of all robust Talent minded executives. Recruiting efficacy metrics and quality of hire programs that focus on employee retention and workforce productivity are keen performance indicators for a 21st century talent acquisition team.

Whether your focus is building an internal high-powered lean recruiting team, making yours more effective or augmenting the talent acquisition team you already have; creating a clear strategy for bringing in, hiring and engaging new talent is where it all begins.


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