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Sharing a Vision: Why Effective Communication and Collaboration is the Only Way Forward

There are several ways in which effective communication helps a company succeed. It is essential for any company leader because it is fundamental to all aspects of business. And the necessity for effective communication doesn't just apply to leaders. Effective internal communication within your company and strong communication skills among your staff members are also critical. Communications with other stake holders are likely to be effective as well if employees are informed and engaged.

It is no secret that effective communication is difficult, even for people who are considered high-level communicators. There are a variety of factors, but most experts agree that communication varies so much from person to person, we don’t always know how to derive meaning from what is said. From the moment we enter a new space, the language used and the implicit meaning can shift wildly from what we are accustomed to. Additionally, most of us have not mastered the ability to truly listen to what is being communicated to us.

According to studies on workplace communication, 86% of workers and executives blame poor teamwork and communication for company failures. On the other hand, teams that effectively communicate may see a 25% increase in productivity. These communication barriers cost the average organization $62.4 million per year in lost productivity. After knowing this, you may want to consider how much ineffective communication is causing you.

We are essentially having multiple conversations; what is said may not be what is interpreted or given meaning. CEO of KeenAlignment, Margaret Graziano touches on this in her new book “Ignite Culture.” She writes, “We use language to share our beliefs and life experiences. Most of us have developed strong patterns of communication as a result of our experiences. We have specific body language and words and phrases we like to use—many of them are negative and unconstructive. If you want others to buy into the future you envision, you must align your communication style with your vision and help others become more aware of their communication patterns. Again, this will take a lot of deep listening and undoubtedly some training to help yourself and others communicate more effectively and constructively.”

In our current workforce elements of communication are becoming more ambiguous and complex. We need to cultivate the capacity to share our visions in a way that others will receive them and be able to take action, cohesively.

Why Do Companies Need a Shared Vision?

Sharing a common vision is a critical component of any effective organization. It supports employees to value their work, allows them to have a genuine sense of purpose, and they take pride in being a contributor to their team. We have all worked for places where we lacked these constructs and if we are honest, it deeply impacted how we showed up to work. Sharing a vision can mean that across the company there is a clear noble cause, everyone knows the mission and values, and can communicate how their role contributes to upholding the policies that allow the company to thrive.

It is important to understand that sharing a vision is not a stagnant action. It is not a simple email sent across the company that lets everyone know what the vision is. Sharing a vision involves being open to feedback, having the willingness to examine blind spots, and the ability to communicate well so others are able to tangibly see this vision as a reality they want to be a part of.

How Can You Increase Your Effectiveness in Sharing Your Vision?

We as a society are in an age where information is readily available and rapidly changing. Advancements in neuroscience and new understandings of the impact of organizational culture on employees’ well-being have given us tried and true options for creating a vision and sharing it skillfully.

At KeenAlignment, highly trained and skillful consultants have been helping organizations communicate their vision and make sustainable changes for the last decade. With programs geared toward going beyond the surface level to discover what goes into powerful and effective communication. You learn to distinguish between listening and hearing, define and recognize balanced communication, and embody the skills required to effectively evaluate what is being said. Additionally, you understand what it means to positively relate to others and why it’s important, as well as learn the skills that are useful in building rapport. Mastering these skills enables you to engage in effective communication that builds trust, aligns people to your vision for the big picture, and enables action to move forward, regardless of the nature of the conversation.

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— Lea Rauscher, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority

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