Unlock the Leader Within to Build

a High-Performance Culture

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Your performance level is so high that you are the unrivaled leaders in innovation in your market.

Every team member is highly motivated for their own reasons and so committed to the noble cause of the organization that everyone does their best every day. The shared values run deeply throughout the entire operation and each person is in the best possible role for their unique talents to be maximized.


If all of this is true, congratulations. That is truly an admirable accomplishment worthy of applause.


If this is not the case, and you’d like to rapidly move in this direction... let’s talk. We may be able to help you. This inspired us to create the Accelerate Leadership.


Our goal with Accelerate Leadership is to activate and release the dormant potential within your leadership team and organization so you can be the best possible version of yourselves in service to a noble cause you’re proud to be part of.

Areas of Focus

Our expert leadership trainers and coaches tailor a program customized to meet your personal and professional goals, as well as organizational needs.

Assess Leadership

Gain new insight into what you must create, maintain, and release so you can transition from “What Got You Here” into the what will get you where you’re headed next

Achieve Goals

Experience the breakthrough productivity increases from implementing the 7 levels of individual, group, and organizational effectiveness

Build EQ

Learn how to lead effectively in today’s challenging environment of increasing uncertainty, chaos, and distraction

Inspire Others

Get the most effective structures for building a foundation of effective leadership that organizes and directs itself

Retrain Your Brain

Discover the most critical 21st Century Leadership competencies and how to quickly recognize whether your leaders have what it takes to thrive in this new era

Optimized Operations

Walk away with a clear framework that allows your organization to operate in sustained momentum


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“My executive team and I have been working with Margaret and KeenAlignment for the past five weeks. She’s challenged our thinking, helped us to put our core values into words and to better understand our company culture. All of these activities had helped us have a more open dialogue within our team. I highly recommend KeenAlignment.”

— Ted Green, Chairman of the Board, PACE Supply Corp.