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Overcome the Struggles That Today's
Leaders Face

Becoming an effective leader is a journey in itself. One of the main components of leadership is understanding that you already have the power within you — you need to learn how to deploy that power most effectively. 

Some people might define a good leader as someone who has mastered their internal power. They know how and where to direct it so that  it benefits their business, team, and the world. 

An underperforming leader might be someone who misdirects, mismanages, misunderstands, or maliciously deploys their leadership power. Being a poor leader rarely delivers long-term results. 

While many of us have the best intentions of being high performance, influential leaders, we all fall short at one point or another. Having the initiative to look our problems in the face and find ways to overcome them sets you apart from an underperforming leader. 

Our Elevate Leadership Program
Accelerates Your Effectiveness 

Our Elevate Leadership workshop is a program for leadership development. The goal of the program is to activate and release the full and sometimes dormant potential within you, your leadership team, and your entire organization.


Be the best possible versions of yourselves in service to a noble cause you're proud to be a part of. 

This high-potential leadership program lasts from 12 to 18 months. It corrects misalignment in culture, strategy, and people enroute to creating effective, empowered and happy teams. 

Are you ready to create a values-driven and high-performing leadership team? Contact us to learn more today. 

What We Focus on During the Program

Our expert leadership trainers and coaches tailor a customized program to meet your professional and personal goals. We also take into account the needs of your organization. 

Assess Current Leadership Methods

We sit with you and your leadership team to assess your current leadership model. You gain new insight into what you need to create, maintain, and release. By achieving this insight, you transition from "What Got You Here" into  "What Will Get  You There" mindset. 

Build EQ

EQ, or emotional quotient or intelligence, is a critical component in being a leader. Your EQ determines your ability to identify not only your emotions but the emotions of those around you. 

Being an emotionally intelligent leader helps you successfully manage relationships, especially when your team is in the midst of a crisis. It's easier for leaders who connect with the people on their teams to manage conflict and inspire others. This skill empowers you to get the most out of your team while achieving your objectives and goals. 

You learn how to lead effectively in today's challenging environment of increasing uncertainty, distraction, and chaos. Increase your EQ levels as you connect with your team and inspire action towards strategy. 

Retrain Your Brain

Whether you've been a leader for years or are an aspiring one, it's essential to train your brain for modern society.

Discover the most critical 21st-century leadership competencies. Learn how to quickly recognize whether your leaders have what it takes to thrive in this new era. 

Modern leaders communicate regularly and clearly what success looks like for their organization. The leaders chunk it down into reachable goals and understandable terms. You learn the ways to communicate with your team in a modern society. 

Achieve Goals

Have you heard of the Seven Levels of Personal, Group, and Organizational Effectiveness? The seven levels are synchronicity, innovation, engagement, courage, frustration, fear, and hopelessness. You learn how to apply these levels to enable and empower teams to achieve goals. 

The levels are a framework for how we experience and impact others and ourselves. They're tools to understand the human experience and be effective in every area of our work and personal lives. Experience breakthroughs in productivity that you receive from effectively navigating  these levels. 

Inspire Others

Inspiring those around you is one of the most important skills you can have as a leader. It's what separates successful and great leaders from average ones. You can be a great leader, but it takes hard work to infuse passion and energy into the behaviors and actions of teams of people.

When you couple the ability to inspire with a clear mission, commitment, and vision, you become the guide people want to follow. Learn how to tell your team what you're doing, where you're going, and why they should go with you. Being able to inspire creates high levels of employee commitment, engagement and productivity.

Get the most effective structures for building a foundation of effective leadership that organizes and directs itself. 

Optimize Operations

Walk away from the program with a clear framework that allows your organization to operate with sustained momentum. Once you enact the steps and qualities of an effective leader, it won't take much to keep it going. Your organization learns to operate like a well-oiled machine under your leadership. 

How Our Process Works


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You meet with our coaches and trainers and discover what you can benefit from our program. 


Watch Yourself Thrive

You, your leadership team, and your organization begin to flourish under the direction of intentional, engaging and effective leadership. 

Hear What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

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“My executive team and I have been working with Margaret and KeenAlignment for the past five weeks. She’s challenged our thinking, helped us to put our core values into words and to better understand our company culture. All of these activities had helped us have a more open dialogue within our team. I highly recommend KeenAlignment.”

— Ted Green, Chairman of the Board, PACE Supply Corp.

What Sets KeenAlignment Apart

At KeenAlignment, everything we do is in service of empowering a high-performing and healthy organizational culture. We liberate the human spirit by creating thriving workplace environments. We strive to enable leaders and accelerate leadership effectiveness to ensure your organization grows and succeeds. 

Margaret "Magi" Graziano is the founder and CEO of KeenAlignment. She's supported hundreds of companies transform their cultures and increase their results. Magi, and her team of coaches and trainers, deliver customized programs that improve corporate cultures and change teams. 

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