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Sales Recruiting

Sales are the life blood of any business. The profitability and effectiveness of your company depends on hiring the right people for the right job, and in sales this can mean the difference between success and failure. KeenHire provides a proven sales hiring methodology, integrating high touch and high technology to maximize the return on your human capital investment. Build an effective, quota-achieving sales force by partnering with KeenHire to assure a dynamite sales team for your business.

Hit the sales target bulls-eye by hiring only the best sales people.

You know who they are. They are the salespeople you want to clone and multiply because they are your top producers. We can do the next best thing. We benchmark your highest performing sales professionals and create a prototype of your ideal candidate. Then we screen, test, profile, analyze, and select the sales candidates who fit the profile of your top performers. We weed out all but the best of the best, so you can be confident that you’ve got the right person for the right job.

Your ideal candidate profile is unique to your business. We help customer-centric companies hire salespeople that succeed in industries ranging from BPO, Technology, Healthcare, Professional Services, Staffing, Non-Profit, Government Agencies, and more. Our commitment is to help you build a sales force that increases the sales pipeline from the beginning, and consistently exceeds expectations, quarter after quarter. Your success is our success. We tailor our search for your ideal candidate to your business, your company culture, and your vision, bringing you candidates that are fully engaged from the day they’re hired.

It’s in the DNA.

The color or your eyes and your fingerprints are genetic. They are unique to you. Top performing sales candidates have a similar blueprint. We call it “sales DNA”. and our exclusive Conscious Hiring™ process is designed to identify and recruit the candidates who have it. Aside from sales skills and experience, top-performing sales candidates have values, traits, habits and skills that are natural to them and ensure their success in your company. We source, identify, and hire the right salespeople with the right ‘DNA’ more quickly, less expensively, and more effectively than anyone else out there. Our systematic approach guarantees you a greater return on your human capital investment than our sales recruiting competition.

We save you money and increase your bottom line at every step.

Customers who choose KeenHire save, on average, $7,500.00 per sales hire. They also get their new recruits oriented quickly by our on-boarding (link) experts, getting results faster by getting their people up and running efficiently. Once your new sales hires are up to speed and fully aligned with your company’s vision and values, Keenhire can help you keep your people engaged and productive for the long term.

In a continually evolving employment marketplace, Keenhire can help you optimize your workforce for long term success. Our comprehensive set of assessment tools and strategies gives us the edge for improving the bottom line for every aspect of your business.

Keen Recruiters thoroughly understand the importance of matching a candidate’s personality, values and work style to your corporate culture. This is crucial to effective retention and succession planning. At the conclusion of each project, a 360-degree review of the recruiter’s performance is made by your hiring team, to assess the ongoing effectiveness of our strategy. We are committed to your success, and the project is not complete until we know we’ve produced the results.

To get started on your next sales hiring project, call 888-533-6447.


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