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Purchase KeenHire Recruitment, Selection Hiring and Retention Tools

The War for Talent is in full swing and is not going away. Your clients need new resources, they are actively seeking better resources that aid them not only in hiring the right people, they also need tools

and training on effective on-boarding and retention programs that leverage their ability to develop, retain and succession plan their key contributors.

KeenHire Store offers a wide array of training programming, an A-Z 26 step-by-step recruitment and selection hiring process, interview models, proprietary behavioral interviewing software, in-depth and behavioral reference formats, on-boarding kits, new employee users manuals, employee development and coaching materials and tools. KeenHire is also a reseller of the newest most innovative sourcing technology and outsourced resources.

Every system, process and tool we use we also sell to our customers as our ultimate commitment is to elevate the power and prowess of the recruitment industry and help our end users maximize their return on their people investments.

With KeenHire training and materials you can be the one stop Recruitment, Talent Management and Retention resource your customers seek. You can be the Provider of Choice and your customers’ number one single resource expert, let Keenhire show you how.

You can offer assessments to your clients as part of the placement process and position yourself as a true partner, someone who is willing validate their submittals. When you utilize assessments and selection systems in your staffing and placement process, you position yourself as a leading edge Talent Management service provider.

No need to reinvent the wheel and squander your valuable time, we have already done the research. Keenhire has evaluated over 100 assessments and spent 5 years investigating every type of assessment, their uses -good and bad, their publishers and in the end we chose to represent and feature “Margo’s Picks”. Keep in mind just because an assessment is not featured on our site does not mean we do not sell it. Keen employs Industrial Organizational Psychologists and because of this we can purchase, re sell and interpret any pre-employment, selection hiring, 360, development, performance metric management or succession planning tool.

Why buy from us? We know the recruiting and staffing space. We can coach you on how to implement, sell and leverage your firm as a Certified Selection Expert. We save you money because you do not need to invest in the certification and training from each of the publishers. We bundle the prices so you can use your money wisely and buy what you need, when you need it.

We also work with you to become a certified Keen Reseller. This program enables you to position yourself as a leading edge company with a competitive advantage that only the big boys offer. It immediately differentiates you from the sea of competition, opens up new revenue streams and puts you in front of a myriad of key business decision makers that view you as the expert in your field.

What are you waiting for ? Call today learn about Keen’s Reseller program. 888-533-6447


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