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Organizational Assessment

No matter what your industry is, your business operates on multiple levels that are crucial to bottom-line success. The effectiveness of each component working with the others is directly related to business sales, retention, and the overall effectiveness of your organization. Our organizational development experts work with your company’s existing operations to improve the quality, profitably, and efficiency of your business. Our extensive organizational assessment tools are vital to this process.

We start with an extensive and precise data collection process to understand the root causes of organizational barriers to what your company wants to accomplish. We then analyze your business processes and provide you with the feedback necessary to take developmental steps toward optimal organizational health. The goal of organizational assessment is to eliminate your company’s weaknesses and maximize your strengths for success. Once the organizational development analysis is completed, we offer you our expertise in optimizing your strengths to offset your weaknesses. A thorough Organizational Health Check will make sure we know what these are and how to address them.

Organizational Assessment Tools give you superior results.

Our organizational health assessment gives you a thorough business diagnostic tool, developed exclusively to help your executives measure levels of overall performance in a controlled, accurate and effective way. Using thorough organizational data collection technology, we measure performance in eleven (11) core dimensions of business success. This holistic approach to understanding any business serves as the first step in identifying areas that require further investigation and development. The result is immediate improvements in organization-wide performance and long term excellence.

Effectiveness in every area is achievable if you use the right assessments to strategize.

These are the 11 vital core business dimensions:

• Personal – how do the individuals in your organization feel? • Employee Alignment – is everyone driving for results and profits? • Personnel – how effectively do you lead people? • Team Effectiveness – how strong are your teams? • Leadership – how trusted and inspiring is your leadership? • Strategy & Planning – how comprehensive and secure is your strategy? • Customer Service – how loyal are your customers? • Sales & Marketing – does your pitch resonate and do your people sell? • Operations – do you run efficient and quality operations? • Cultural – how cohesive and beneficial is your culture? • Management – how effectively do you manage things?

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