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New Manager Training

The difference between success and failure is simple. It’s all about execution; before, during and after the solution has been applied.

KeenHire’s New Manager Training program works with you to design, implement and reinforce new supervisor and new manager training programs that result in increased performance, organizational productivity, increased effectiveness of strategic initiatives and an even greater capacity for workforce engagement and retention of your top talent.

Like any other business skill or core competency, the ability to effectively identify and select the right candidate and to develop them into a true difference maker is learned over time. Mastery of effective management requires an additional set of skills that move new managers forward quickly, so they may inspire and engage others. Team motivation is powerful and has potential to achieve great results.

At KeenHire, our new manager training focuses on identifying strengths that will drive successful implementation of newly acquired responsibilities and actions, to create value to the company’s success. The value proposition for the new managers we work with is better teamwork, higher spirits, and a renewed enthusiasm.

Through our innovative approach, KeenHire helps new supervisors and new managers learn and apply principles, approaches, and tools that are critical to managing others and teams. Effective and clear information is provided about the role of a new manager, and how it is distinguished from previous roles. Creating from others requires a specific set of abilities and skills that differ from creating from self.

KeenHire guides new managers in the practical application of all necessary elements that create sustainable change. We help with the design of new alliances with all necessary individuals, which is critical when assuming the responsibilities of a new manager. We also provide a clear understanding of how to perform managerial tasks such as performance planning, accountability to others, as well as strategies to inspire and motivate. Prioritizing and delegating are also essential skills. Our thorough, in-depth training on each of these elements is essential to the success of your developing leaders.

Each solution is customized to bring an increase in bench strength to your management pipeline. Proven results accelerate critical business initiatives and increase the performance of each new manager.

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