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New Hire Onboarding

To activate a strong Talent Strategy, the best companies educate and train their recruiters, including third-party and contract recruitment resources like KeenAlignment, to work within their long-term Talent Strategy. In these leading companies, the Recruitment and Employee selection process is built and managed with the end in mind. KeenAlignment believes that creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the first step in recruiting the ideal candidate. Armed with this tool, you pitch the job and begin the filtering process for finding the right candidates for your company.

But the work doesn’t stop there; now it’s time to integrate the new employee into your business. Effective onboarding is the ENTIRE process of bonding with your new employee, from when they first respond to a call for candidates until the first anniversary of their employment. One of the most important aspects in any relationship—whether in business or your personal life—is the first impression. It’s the same with onboarding a new-hire to a new job. The first day interaction with your recruiter is vital to a applicants willingness to become and employee and the first day on the job is vital to reinforcing the sale of that job.

KeenAlignment identifies eight elements that are important to new-hire integration:

  1. Enlist a key member of management, if not the commander and chief, to talk about the company mission, vision and values of your company to get the new employee excited about the company and the BIG picture.

  2. Remind the new employee of the significance of their contribution: why they matter, why their role matters, why they were chosen for the role.

  3. Make time for a briefing on employee benefits, new-hire packet, and company policy overview.

  4. Introduce the new employee to key people who have the same position, who will work with them a lot, and who they need to know.

  5. Provide an office tour and demonstrate how to navigate throughout the company, even how to find and operate office equipment.

  6. Assign the new hire a buddy, sponsor, or mentor different than the immediate boss.

  7. Have the new employee’s workspace ready with business cards, phone and computer.

  8. Perform an orientation or overview of the job and its function, complete with a training plan, one-on-one schedules and performance expectations, and a milestone timeline.

  9. Have HR review a personalized development forecast, and a manager and employee guide for how to best work together.

A new-hire must feel important, invested, and eager to produce results. Make efforts in recruiting, invest in creating employee development tools and trainings, provide sincere greetings when they walk in the door, and follow through on your EVPs. You must create a vision of the future from day one, have systems and structures in place to cause ongoing engagement, and build effective, customized performance management and employee development programs that maximize your people’s strengths. The process of acquainting new employees to your business takes time, but our consultants strongly advise an onboarding process as part of your Conscious Hiring™ system.

Yes, this is a tall order, which is why companies like KeenAlignment exist. We help you maximize your return on people investments by installing customized world-class hiring and onboarding programs, and implement leading talent management systems. Our processes train your HR team and managers to effectively acclimate new hires to your company`s knowledge base, skill sets, and behaviors to assist them in becoming effective organizational members. We teach your managers to link your core values to their own behaviors, so they can coach, mentor and guide employees to honor these values while carrying out their responsibilities. We coach your managers to communicate these values to your new hires, and teach them how to work within them, and how to use them to their competitive advantage. We develop a system and solution to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without wasting your time or money.


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