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New Exceptional College Graduate Finance Opportunity! Chicago

You are a recent college graduate with a degree in Finance or Entrepreneurialism. You are a highly motivated, driven sales professional-at the core. You have already made up your mind to establish yourself as a financial services career professional. You are thrilled with the idea of having control over your own destiny and experiencing an unlimited earning potential. You are one of the well connected recent graduates, and you are an excellent communicator with a plethora of contacts. Fundamentally, you believe in providing high value consultative services that generate security and financial stability for your customers.

As a full-service firm offering one-stop shopping to their customers GCG Financial presents a healthy portfolio of unlimited products. This permits Advisors an opportunity to become an expert in Insurance, Assets under Management, or Benefits. With a team of nearly 100, the Advisors are fully supported and therefore have more time, to focus on developing their business and portfolio.

You want to bring your personality, tenacity and creativity along with your relationships to an environment that supports your ambitions and mentors you to master the field. GCG Financial believes there is no greater reward than making an impact on other peoples’ lives. Rewards are prominent at GCG Financial. Monetarily, Advisors experience unlimited income potential and when Advisors are at the upper echelon of productivity, they become eligible for club recognition in the Leader’s Club, Master’s Club, the Circle of Excellence, or for the elite Advisor, the prestigious Black Tie Club.

Job Requirements

  1. 2 years sales and heavy networking during college

  2. Strong relationship builder

  3. Concern and care for your customer’s best interest

  4. Willingness to make outbound sales calls

  5. Ability to grasp financial concepts, insurance terminology and investment language

Take control over your own destiny and experiencing an unlimited earning potential, apply now!

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