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My First Public Short List Shoot Out

Holy Cow! KeenHire just wrapped up a 4 month project to bring to the table the top strategic planners in Northern California. The process was arduous. The sourcing was a blast! The selection process was one of my favorites. Tonight 3 finalist Strategic Planner candidates presented in front of the board of directors of a Public Green Agency, their Staff & Citizen’s Advisory Counsel and members of the public. We started with a list of 200, entertained 40, invited 20, interviewed 7 and introduced 3 fabulous short list candidates. We used KeenView Competency Based Interviewing model to evaluate the final 7. Dr Stephanie Marberry conducted in-depth behavioral based reference checks to ensure Keen’s high quality selection process. 100% of our insights were validated.

It was clear to me before, during and especially after their perspective board pitches that KeenHire’s Conscious Hiring Process once again proved effective.

The courage of the candidates, the tenacity they demonstrated as they fielded questions, the power they presented with and the fun they created amongst themselves and the board was inspiring.

The magnitude of this project is absolutely why KeenHire was created. Helping mission driven companies achieve their goals is what we are supposed to do. Being selective about who we serve is critical.

Tonight I am clear that KeenHire matters! Yeahhhh!


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